Buffalo DriveStation AV Adds Massive Storage to PS3, DVR or PC in Style

Despite some looming improvements in Blu-Ray discs, optical media is simply not able to keep up with today's digital demands. The bonfire of broadband has brought home users to the point that our parents may now possess terabytes of data.

This data is in the form of downloadable movies from Netflix, podcast subscriptions, online games and the list continues to grow. Buffalo has a drive that it is targeting at your living room for all of these purposes.

The Buffalo DriveStation AV, with its smooth glossy enclosure, looks like a scaled down home theater components, but it is in fact a direct attached USB storage that can easily expand free space for the PlayStation3, Xbox 360, DVRs and alike. For added value, bright blue LEDs can be found across its front panel indicating the drive's current free capacity.

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