Final Fantasy XIV alpha leaks new screens

The PC alpha for Square Enix's upcoming PS3/PC MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV has officially begun. You know what that means? Screenshot leaks! – and we have them, thirty in total.

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Karsghul3114d ago

this one is really stunning:

Was watching the jtv stream last nigh and it seems the game itself is running ok, the net code is what seems off still.

SE says the alpha build is a bit old and internally they are already on beta but they wanted to give players an earlier version to get more feedback.

Alpha test (and beta #1 after that) are running for 4 weeks and then they will start beta #2 with PS3 owners.

VanDamme3114d ago

Why is there a Windows Vista/7 window border around the PlayStation screen shot like that?

Reibooi3114d ago (Edited 3114d ago )

These screens where leaked from the alpha of the game and that is PC only.

The PS3 isn't getting the game until a later version of the beta.

These screens are quite beautiful and it makes you wonder how good it will look in the final version considering they have said it's not finished visually.

The above screen just makes my jaw drop. You don't see that much detail in the face in most single player games let alone MMO's

VanDamme3114d ago (Edited 3114d ago )

I've never played an MMORPG before. Are there adult themed servers? It would probably be really nice since the textures are so detailed.

Xlll3114d ago

There isn't any nude servers... but i'm sure there will be mods like they had in XI for that stuff if thats what your into...

VanDamme3114d ago

Definitely... I'm sure everyone feels the same. Hopefully the next one will be 3D as well.

Graphics3114d ago

@ Reibooi, I don't know if you serious or not, I know that in this generation their has not been many good looking jrpg, but when I clicked on that link of the FFXIV pic u posted that pic looks exactly like a ps2 character model.. I don't know what detail means to you, yea the pic on the models are smooth and clean.. but it has absolutely 0 details, you don't see skin textures or nothing it's just flat! FFXI look better with fixed registry. I know that this is alpha stage, and alpha stage always look half a$$ed.

Xlll3114d ago

Your crazy if you think XI looks better then XIV. There are some ugly Rpgs out this gen and this is just damn pretty. Taking into account its a) still alpha and b) a mmo.

Reibooi3113d ago (Edited 3113d ago )


Ok either you are blind or just a troll. I'm going with the latter.

The screen has immense detail in the face. In that screen the character looking at the camera looks incredibly life like. It's not the detail in the skin or what not that blows me aware. It's the expression on the face. It's not what looks like a vacant video game character expression it looks like there is life behind it.

I have played XI for the past 8 or so years(Since the US launch) and the last 4 have been on PC with the registry fix to make it look much better and it comes no where close to doing what XIV is doing in terms of it's overall graphics or the animations and faces.

Lets also not forget that the stuff in XIV looks like it has weight. No more robes and scale mail that look like they were made out of paper. They all have what looks like real weight and material to them.

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