Uncharted 2 Siege DLC Announced for April 22

Playstation Insider writes:

"On April 22, the third installation of downloadable content for Uncharted 2: Among Thieves will be available through the PlayStation Store on PlayStation Network. Full details on trophies, content, etc. included."

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Sev3112d ago

Got to love it when a site copy and pastes a press release word for word and submits it as news.

That is some fine journalism right there.

ProA0073112d ago

awwww, little sevy wevy mad because PSLS didn't submit it first? It's ok. There's always next time.

Sev3112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

If you're happy putting that out then that is fine. I'd rather lose being first on N4G than to put my name on a copy and paste.

@below, very clever, never heard that one before.

KiwiSplodgeFace3112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

As if you wouldn't have done the same...

Edit: In fact, your site has done exactly the same thing.

Blaze9293112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

Gotta admit, it does sound like all your doing is whining that your didn't get it first.

I saw your article reporting this and you pretty much did the same thing. Hell IGN even does it. Let's not start being bitter against sites because you got beat now. Win some, you loose some. Always next time

Sev3112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )


I guess I can't argue that. Just a pet peeve of mine to see a copy and paste.

No biggie, I'm just in a mood today.

BTW - I think you need to look again. My article is NOT a copy-paste. I just hadn't hit update yet because my images were still uploading.

fr0sty3112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

lol... nice way to try and cover your ass. How do you know he hadn't uploaded his images yet either? haha.

it's kinda childish to call out other sites for stuff you've done in the past. not only you, but many, many other sites. I mean, you're talking about a brief writeup to introduce a press release, which will hold little to no further information related to what's in the release and only serves as fluff to fill the article with something other than the release itself. hardly something to complain over.

Sev3112d ago

@ fr0sty

Sorry man but you cannot compare the two. I've added images, formatting and an intro.

Mine took about 40 minutes, this took about 40 seconds and someone else wrote it (a PR rep for Sony).

Look, everyone is allowed to express their opinions, yet I am not? Everyone needs to calm down.

I explained it is a pet peeve of mine, and I said something about it. Did it come off like I was whining because I wasn't first? Sure it did. Did I mean it that way? No I didn't.

I really don't care either way to be totally honest. I wasn't planning on putting mine on N4G. I was taking my time with formatting and images and I have a more important reason for doing so than N4G. I work closely with these PR reps. When they send me a press release, I sent them a link of my coverage. It's good PR, it shows effort, and that I care about their products. I would be embarrassed to link them to my article if it was nothing more than a copy/paste.

End of story. I wont comment again or even return to this article. I just don't really care that much. I've already wasted too much time here. I shouldn't have said anything. God forbid if I have an opinion like everyone else.

Blaze9293112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

shall we get back to Uncharted 2 now guys?

DarkSpawnClone3112d ago

leave poor sev alone,PSLS owns! better then most sites around you people just love to attack anyone and turn any thing in to a argument bunch of losers and hypocrites ..cant wait to check out the uncharted 2 stuff that game is always fun i love the MP haven't played it in a bit and this will give me a reason to get back in to it the dlc sounds cool cya online >:P.

UnwanteDreamz3112d ago

I'm getting it. Who else is in?

LeonSKennedy4Life3112d ago

Lay off Sev, guys.

He's a much better journalist than you ever will be. :)

PSLS doesn't copy and paste.

boodybandit3111d ago

I never get bored playing UC2 online.

boodybandit3111d ago (Edited 3111d ago )

You're right. I was lying! I do get bored playing UC2 online.
*hides head in shame for telling fibs*

Hey anonymous phantom disagree, water is wet!

@1.8 I never left.

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dustgavin3112d ago

Looking forward to the new maps and characters.

tokoshix3112d ago

Same here. Nothing wrong with more Uncharted 2 goodness.

3112d ago
Redempteur3112d ago

perfect just the right thing to come back ( busy with other games )

JasonXE3112d ago

Nice to see they are still supporting U2 online. Wasn't really a fan of the multiplayer myself - just didnt 'stick' to me.

fr0sty3112d ago

it didn't stick to me either at first, but give it a while. get good at it, and you'll be addicted.

BeaArthur3112d ago

I loved it from the start and then they made the wise move to start adjusting the core gameplay with update 1.05 and now I no longer own the game. Couldn't stand the new health system. It's disappointing that they screwed the loyal fans that were there from the beginning to make it more "accessible".

cervantes993112d ago

I agree with you - although I did not go so far as sell the game.

I do feel us loyal gamers to UC2 Multiplayer have been slapped in the face. I was in the original beta, the extended beta, and have played it since launch.

Then 1.5 came out and Naughty Dog basically said, "Thanks for your support, but we are going in a different direction. We want the COD players ..."

Ouch. Well I will get back to the game eventually, but I do feel let down. This is not the same game I purchased.

BeaArthur3112d ago

cervantes99...yeah I can't play it anymore. I tried a few different times after the patch but it totally ruined the game for me.

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tigertron3112d ago

Sounds pretty cool, I'll have to get this and the UC1 maps when I next play the game.

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