Seattle Playstation Move Event

Ironstar writes; "Last night I attended the Playstation Move event that was held in Seattle, WA. It was a great night filled with good food, mixed drinks, and of course some sweet ass giveaways. I also messed around with the Playstation Move, got a nice confirmation that there will be a Socom 4 beta (thanks Jill Webber), and I also got a nice close look at the Playstation Move tech demo. If you would like to take a look at last night's festivities go ahead and check out the video below."

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zoks3103210d ago (Edited 3210d ago )

But you guys should have showed more game play.

I like how seem less Socom 4 played with the Move controller, when you watch the vid look how easy the Socom 4 character moves, it's as if the player is using a dual-shock, very smooth and uneventful perfect for hardcore gamers.

I regret missing the event when it came to NY a few weeks ago, hopefully they will return.