New PS3/Xbox 360 Silent Hill Announced

HellDescent writes: "Konami has just announced that a "next-gen console" version of Silent Hill is in the works. The announcement comes from an event in Frankfurt, Germany. Not much detail is given but Konami states that they are working with a new developer and not Double Helix. What does that mean? We aren't sure yet, but with Shattered Memories fairly high reviews and critical acclaim we sure hope the developer is Climax. Most likely they are after that recent job posting on They have proven that they can get the job done very well...."

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Arsenic133115d ago

There are reports it may be a remake of SH 2. Fans will scream...

Bloodshedder3115d ago

i want a remake of the first or the third, silent hill 2 didnt quite cut it for me

spektical3115d ago

i'll keep my hopes at a moderate level. Why cant devs just look at the success of SH2 and just implement the best features, or look at other success survival/horror games. Take a page out of their book and you'll have a bright and shiny product.

TheColbertinator3115d ago

Vatra Games is making the new SH.Crap I was hoping for Konami to make it internally from their Japanese studios

Run_bare3115d ago

I really enjoy silent 2, 3 and 4 on PS2. BUT the SH 5 on PS3 is mediocre at best. I hope they don't screw this up or i might have to give up on this franchise. I will give it one more go when they release the next one.

A-Bomb3113d ago

Hopefully this turns out good. I actually quite liked Homecoming, despite mixed reviews. If your a SH fan and haven't played it's worth checking out as you can probably get it pretty cheap now.