Yerli: Crysis 2 on consoles "not about sales"

VG247: Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli has told VG247 that Crysis 2 on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 are "not about sales".

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Gradient3112d ago

Of course it's not about sales, it's about great gameplay.

Look at what happened with Splinter Cell; Not only did Ubisoft completely dumb it down for the casuals, but they inadvertently made the game feel like a rushed and 'last-minute' project.

DarkSpawnClone3112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

of course its about sales if it wasn't it would of stayed on the pc.they want to be the next cod, isn't that what all shooters strive for, if i was making a fps i would be going out of my way to make a game that destroyed cod in every way.but i think its some of it is because of piracy on the pc but yeah mostly sales,and i'm happy to have crysis 2 on our consoles as much as the pc guys hate it lol i want a official release date i REally really want to try this game on my psfree.

Hanif-8763112d ago

If Crysis 2 have a better multiplayer than Battlefield Bad Company 2 then count me in, otherwise i don't see me leaving it :-)

mastiffchild3111d ago

After the first Crysis was ALL about what they could manage to eek out of high end gaming rigs they claim a dumbed down multi plat sequel ISN'T to sell more? Surely if that was the case they'd have remained solely on PC and pushed everyone into upgrading again as they followed their dreams of making the best looking vidja game EVAR, again wouldn't they?

The fact that this is insultingly see through BS makes you wonder just how much of the other stuff they say to believe. Not dumbed down on PC because of console versions? Best looking game on PS3 AND 360? I'm sure it'll look VERY god but better than everything else and as god as the last games on PC? If they're happy to feed us this sales bollox why should we have ANY faith in the other stuff?

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Fulensenca3112d ago

Huh, why New York then?

Very original choice Crytek ... meh ...

So sick of USA in videogames. The world is way, way bigger ( and more interesting if you ask me ) than America, do you know that, Crytek?


spektical3112d ago

BS, of course its about sales. If a non-profit organization said this, i would agree. But this a business and if Crysis 2 fails on the consoles shareholders, management will be questioning this move.