This won't help Apple's developer relations

Apple can hardly be described as a developer's closest friend at the best of times, but two key announcements that emerged from last night's Apple iPhone OS4 preview are likely to have made things far worse.

Firstly, Apple has lifted the lid on Game Center – it's own take on the games-style Xbox Live social network. The obvious question to ask is what this announcement means for the likes of Ngmoco's Plus+, Aurora Feint's OpenFeint, AGON Online and Scoreloop?

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Chris3993115d ago

Did the inventor of flash sleep with his wife or kick his dog or something? Honestly, I'd like to know how this feud originated.

Crazyglues3115d ago (Edited 3115d ago )

(was going to say something clever but already forgot it) -But actually truth be told.

Steve Jobs said it himself the reason is because, every time they would look at a problem on safari browser crashing it would be because of flash... just about every time. (they told Adobe about the problems and they basically said it's not them fix your browsers code to match other browsers, it works in other browsers)

-which apple clearly could not do because they are trying to make their browser different and faster and better.-and you know what happens to people who piss Steve off... LOL

So Steve said why in the world would anyone want that experience on their phone so flash is banned from the iPhone...

Steve's own word on flash -"it is some of the sloppiest code I have ever seen in my life.." (it's also safe to say Steve hates adobe's flash)

-and to tell you the truth I can't blame him.. the iPhone runs and works like a gem so I guess flash is out bring on the HTML 5 (flash replacement)

Chris3993115d ago

but with Jobs and flash. Which one is Lindsay and which is Rachael though?