In-Depth: EA Partners, Crytek Unveil Crysis 2 In New York City

Crytek and EA Partners chose New York City's Tribeca Grand Hotel as its location to unveil Crysis 2 to the press for a good reason -- the latest game in the franchise is set against the backdrop of a post-disaster New York City.

Original Crysis gained acclaim for the richness of its mysterious tropical island setting, and Crytek head Cevat Yerli told attendees at the media event that adding the verticality of city skyscrapers -- making the jungle into an "urban jungle," so to speak -- will help the new game's environment raise the bar.

It also raises the emotional stakes, Yerli asserts. "New York is symbolic for the pride of mankind," he said. "If I could pick one city to protect, it would be New York... if the gamer cannot save New York, then no other city can be saved effectively."

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