Machinarium refused for XBLA

"Microsoft just refused Machinarium for XBLA after a half year of talking with them. They like the game and know it would be very successful on their platform, but they don't want to support games which aren't Microsoft exclusives."

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cain1414730d ago

I'm assuming they are talking about indy developers and not everyone...

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Blaze9294730d ago (Edited 4730d ago )

Well...duh? Why would you ask a publisher to help you fund and publish a game when it inst exclusive to the platforms they are backing?

It's a bit misleading what was said about Microsoft refusing it for XBLA. It's more of them refusing to publish it as it went on to say, "We have another option to approach some big publisher to bring the game to XBLA." So they aren't blocking it from coming to XBLA, they just are refusing to publish something that isn't only on a Microsoft platform which is perfectly understandable. It's even on the Mac ffs.

That's like asking Sony or Nintendo to help them publish a multi-platform game - it won't happen unless it's exclusive, kinda of like what Sony did with Ghostbusters in Europe was it?

wicko4730d ago

So if it's so obvious that they weren't going to publish it, why did it take half a year to come to that decision?

AridSpider4730d ago (Edited 4730d ago )

Pretty much nailed it. Let's see how many read your post before posting something @jriquelme above -_-


They were probably trying to work out a deal for it to be secured as an exclusive meaning the game would have to be pulled and no longer support any other platforms other than the 360 and windows. 6 months seems like a feasible time for a business matter like that and it seems ultimately, they could not come to an agreement.

It honestly makes sense though, why would Microsoft help a game which isn't exclusive to them? that's just dumb

ProA0074730d ago

Yeah Sony helped publish Ghostbusters in Europe for Atari but only after making sure that it would be a PS3 exclusive. Same thing Microsoft is trying to do here, make sure Machinarium could be an exclusive which it seems they could not do so of course they won't publish it for them on XBLA.

Christopher4730d ago (Edited 4730d ago )

***Well...duh? Why would you ask a publisher to help you fund and publish a game when it inst exclusive to the platforms they are backing? ***

Actually happens a lot. Microsoft would only have to publish it for their platform and not others. Don't see how it would be bad to get it on their console only first and have them agree to a timed console exclusivity agreement.

ChickeyCantor4729d ago

" Well...duh? Why would you ask a publisher to help you fund and publish a game when it inst exclusive to the platforms they are backing? "

Well if they simply ask for exclusive content why not?
Isn't that something MS does all the time?

Dark General4729d ago

What a damn shame. I played the demo for this game a while back and it was incredibly good. I've been meaning to pick it up on steam but never got around to it. I love me a good point and click game.

free2game3654729d ago

Machinarium was only released on the PC, MS sees that as a competing platform now to the 360, they don't publish PC games anymore at all. They haven't published any new games since 2007.

beardpapa4729d ago (Edited 4729d ago )

^ the game's actually on the Mac too. Maybe that's what it is? But it appears the PC is competition. If they got too many 360 games also on the PC, that's a percentage of gamers that could have contributed in sales towards the 360 version.

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BubbleSystemSuck4730d ago

If its the true reason.. is LAME

cain1414730d ago

It's a direct quote from the developer, but yeah I kinda question it too

STK0264730d ago

After reading the article, I assume he only meant that Microsoft doesn't want to publish a direct port of games that are multiplatform. While it sucks for the developer and gamers, I can see why Microsoft wouldn't want to publish games on XBLA when these have been released on non-MS platforms.

In other words, they are not preventing it from ever being released on XBLA, they just don't want to publish it themselves, therefor forcing the developer to find a publisher, and reduce their income.

BetaChris4730d ago

It's a shame MS isn't letting Machinarium be published for XBLA - the PC version is pretty darn fun.

cain1414730d ago

What would it be comparable to?

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