Sony PS3 team in Xbox country, showing Move, Socom 4

If you're wondering about the flashy posters and black-shirted security crew at the Sole Repair Shop arts venue on Capitol Hill tonight, it's a marketing event promoting the Move motion control system coming to the PlayStation 3 this fall.

Sony brought a group of developers and demo games to show the system to local fans and press. A highlight was demonstrations of "Socom 4," a Move version of the franchise developed by Zipper Interactive, a Sony-owned studio in Redmond. Socom 4 will launch around the same time as the Motion system in the fall.

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WildArmed3116d ago

But what is the 'Xbox' country?

Because I'm pretty sure that console don't own a country lol

hay3116d ago

Oh! Sony in Xbox country! I wonder when rabid fanboys will rush at Sony's employees driving them out of the country. /s

callahan093116d ago

I was wondering the same thing. I don't understand why the headline says "Sony in Xbox country" ???

happy_gilmore3115d ago

M$'s headquarters is in Redmond, Washington. zipper is in there, too.

StanLee3115d ago (Edited 3115d ago )

Since when is Capitol Hill XBox country? Some writers would do anything for hits!

@ happy_gilmore

Isn't Capitol Hill in Washington D.C, not Washington state?

@ Jolly1

Thanks for the clarification. I like on the East Coast know very little in anything about the North West.

JOLLY13115d ago

Capitol Hill is an area of Seattle. It is one of the most flamboiant (no idea how to spell that word) areas of the city. It is about 20 minutes from the XBOX campus.

Christopher3115d ago (Edited 3115d ago )

Yeah, perhaps Capitol Hill makes sense to those of Washington State, but to everyone else it's located in Washington, DC. I was confused by the title until Jolly posted the above.

@above: flamboyant

@below: Actually, so does Zipper Interactive. So, that isn't the reason either. The reason is because, as Jolly said above, MS has a campus right next to Capitol Hill in Washington State. Pretty much a title that only those in the region would get.

Tony P3115d ago

It's Washington state. MS operates out of Washington. The publication is Seattle Times. It's not that hard to understand why they call it "Xbox country" people.

eagle213115d ago (Edited 3115d ago )

Nintendo HQ (NOA) is in Redmond too (across the street actually). Stupid title. :)

"Microsoft country" makes more sense than "xbox country" where Nintendo Of America dominates. lol

JOLLY13115d ago (Edited 3115d ago )

IF you saw the Nintendo campus (small) vs the Xbox campus (you wouldn't believe the size) you wouldn't really call redmond "nintendo country" at all.

WildArmed3115d ago

Ah thanks for clearing that up.

Well apparently you still can learnt some good facts now and then on N4G ;)

RememberThe3573115d ago

I guess he knows someone who is a gaming journalist and got him in as press. But he said the Move felt great especially with Socom.

It's different when you hear opinion form people you know a trust. I'm actually excited about the Move now.

sikbeta3115d ago

Nice, now every Console have its Own Country, SCEA Santa Monica Country is Santa Monica CA -_-

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ThatCanadianGuy3115d ago (Edited 3115d ago )

What i find really amazing is Sony's ambitious marketing of move.
Considering microsoft's rep for "Shove products down your throat" type of marketing, i expected to see ALOT more of natal by now.Especially in the U.S

Very strange..

Godmars2903115d ago

The difference is so far Natal's been hyped, not shown. All that's really been "shown" of its been the dodge ball game. Maybe they should have the paint game and the Burnout Paradise mod but that might invite too much scrutiny when they're not ready for it. Meanwhile Sony's so comfortable with Move they're showing tech and dev applications along side shovelware and SOCOM 4.

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Meryl3115d ago

Ps Move is going to surprise alot of people come fall, hardcore gamers will love it once they find out what they can do with it, not to mention there is plenty of stuff for casuals as well, it looks like ps move will be well balanced :):)
I can't wait socom 4 and sports champions for me:):), I will wait fro coverage on ape escape before i decide I want it or not:):)

StanLee3115d ago (Edited 3115d ago )

We'll see but I'll wager you're wrong. The core audience wont embrace it because regardless of it's precision, the majority for the hardcore gaming community doesn't want to play a game like SOCOM like that. The casual audience also wont embrace it because of it similarities to the Wii. Why buy a PS3 and move for you daughter to play Just Dance when she doesn't associate the console with that? Her friends all have a Wiis. The entry cost also could be a deterrent given that it's just so similar to the Wii's offering.


Looks like my sister won't need a Wii at all. There is the PlayStation Move for it, Casuals and Hardcore.

Meryl3115d ago

stanlee you are wrong my daughter wants the ps move and she is going to show it to her friends, by the way she loves eyepet, love to see what you think to this, socom 4 is not all that is coming either, do not forget RE5: Gold edition, and more games will be coming

Socomer 19793115d ago

SocoM 4 Looks So SICK!!!

I cant wait! Will be playing Confrontation Cold Front till then.

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