Crytek "would love to move on to Crysis 3"

Frank Kitson, Senior Art Director at Crytek, has revealed to PSU that the studio "would love to move on to Crysis 3" after development of Crysis 2 has concluded.

While discussing sci-fi author Richard Morgan's contributions to Crysis 2, Kitson mentioned that he "[hopes Morgan is] around for Crysis 3, because he's brought a new dimension to the whole picture."

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WildArmed3115d ago

I'd hope so.
Since Crysis 2 is their first generation game on console, i'm more excited about their second gen game! :)

(it is their first console game right?)

EvilBlackCat3115d ago (Edited 3115d ago )

Dont you guys find interesting that the Main Stream Media, Hollywood and Video Games are hyping this Aliens/Encounters of the 3rd & 4th Kind/Terrorism/End of the World/Nuclear Conflicts and Apocalyptic events etc. more and more every month?

JamieReleases3115d ago

Yes, the first time Crysis appears on consoles.

Erotic Sheep3115d ago

Good, just keep it a PC exclusive this time -.-

gillri3115d ago

well be on next-gen console next time, dont count on PC exclusvie in the near future, the sales just arent there anymore

kaveti66163115d ago

Crysis sold at least 2 million copies. I don't know what you're talking aboot.

himdeel3115d ago

...because I expect this game to be just another FPS to add to pile. Games like this deserve to be on PC only so that they do everything they want without making ridiculous comments about being limited by the consoles. All they are doing is pissing fans off and dooming themselves to a mediocre product :/

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