Yerli: "There's nothing below" 30fps in Crysis 2

VG247: Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli has confirmed to VG247 that "nothing below" 30fps will surfice in Crysis 2.

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chak_3207d ago

PC > *

30 fps hurt, i'm used to play crysis att around 50, so it better be well optimised ^^

dangert123207d ago

theres nothing above lol

WildArmed3207d ago

my PC ran it around 50s, i dont have a top tier vid card.

I don't mind my FPS games hitting around 30fps range. (but CoD4's 60fps feel was very silky smooth <3 )

As long as my action games, (DMC4, etc) try to strive for 60fps. Of course there are exceptions, but that's the general rule for me.

chak_3207d ago

indeed, I'm not that dumb. But playing a FPS at 30 fps makes my head hurt

Gradient3207d ago

I find that very hard to believe.