Metal Gear Solid Goes RPG

The headline does not attempt to fool you. It's a series that's at the top of its game and yet still, like many other things, must succumb to the modern day design trends that seem to dominate the gaming industry.

Metal Gear Solid finally gave in to the temptations of RPG. And this is not extensive cut scenes either, Konami has actually revealed some exclusive details to PlayStation: The Official Magazine.

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hay3119d ago (Edited 3119d ago )

MGO had skills. Nothing new. They just use good ideas.

@Batzi: I know how "Mother Base" idea works, but this is beyond what the article says, and I comment the article. The only argument author provided are skills in MGS, hence my reply that it's not new.

Don't want to sound offensive but try to read some articles and comments WITH comprehension.

And please, spare me your false sense of superiority. Peacewalker is my number one this year and I follow every bit of information about it.

Batzi3119d ago

I would recommend that you see the "Mother Base" trailer to get a better understanding as to why they are calling it "RPG".

Here is the link:

Enjoy ;)

shadow27973118d ago

I like the pairing of "RPG" and "modern day design trends"...

alaa3119d ago

And once more, Kojima innovates!

movements3119d ago

kojima, the man never sleeps....

I can hardly wait for the latest installment.

BYE3119d ago

He's just doing what is necessary.

You can't rely on the same game mechanics for 5+ games in a series.

cranium3118d ago (Edited 3118d ago )

This is one of the only series that has evolved awesomely through the years. From Metal Gear in 1988 to MGS4 in 2008 it's amazing how much has changed.

Liquid_Ocelot3118d ago

Ahh Kojima, just like my father...
...You're pretty good :)

On-Topic: f*ck!! I need a PSP!! Help me!! Umm, PSP Go or PSP-3000 Big Boss Edition??

Ps: yes, that was a serious question

n4f3118d ago

the smart choice would be psp 3000

kesvalk3118d ago

inovate? this is the same basic characteritics that ufo:enemy unkown had 20~30 years ago.

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mirroredderorrim3119d ago

Whoa! PW looks to put some hd games to shame. This thing looks unbelievably awesome to another level.

So much you can do and the coop is something I didn't expect to look as fun as it does. Perhaps this game can revive the PSP and devs take notice what can be done on this little bad-ass machine.

Anyone know if PW is going to use PSN to do the coop? Can you do it via two different PSPs? PSP to PSP only?


MajestieBeast3119d ago

Only thing i have to say why not on ps3:( Now i have to buy a psp to get my mgs fix.

El_Colombiano3118d ago

"Now i have to buy a psp to get my mgs fix."

You just answered your own question!

CimmerianDrake3118d ago

No, not really. That would be Sony's incentive, Konami's merely involve the actual games sales, which to be honest would probably be better had Peacewalker been on the PS3 than the PSP.. except in Japan where they eat up PSP games.

OutgoingSquall3118d ago

Can a psp game be game of the year?

Liquid_Ocelot3118d ago

The media would never allow that.
In my eyes, a great game is a great game no matter what console it's in or whatever.

Ps: sorry for my english:(

CimmerianDrake3118d ago

Actually, you should be pleased with your English. There are people born in English speaking countries who would have made more mistakes than you did. And you didn't really make any. Kind of sounded like typical dialect actually.

Liquid_Ocelot3117d ago (Edited 3117d ago )

Bubbles back at you n4f, thanks for the recommendation on the PSP-3000. I'm really thinking about it, but then again I don't want to go out and get it and a few months later see Sony announce the "PSP2".
I truly need one, can't keep missing out on great PSP games anymore.

I wonder what movie they'll include on their PSP Bundles... Metal Gear Solid Philanthropy anyone? Personally, I loved the movie. Maybe they'll give you a MGS manga one or something, great stuff nonetheless.

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