Masuda comments on Pokemon Black/White

Pokemon director Junichi Masuda has a few things to say about Black/White following the official name announcement.

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Valay4555d ago

I know I'm up for changes...And I'm sure other fans are as well.

incogneato4554d ago

the most important change is not using gay ass friend codes anymore or at least having some random online battle match making system. jesus christ nintendo, when i heard it was for the DS is struck fear in my soul that it would just be another rehash, same old formula, and worst of all FRIEND CODES

-Mezzo-4555d ago

It would be interesting to see how this one pans out.

NateNater4554d ago

It's about time they made some big changes to pokemon games. Not that I don't like it or anything but I've been playin the same games over and over again for more than ten years. It's time for significant changes to be made.

Maybe they'll add better battle animations this time! *crosses fingers*

spektical4554d ago

yea, and maybe increase the moves to 6.

Shang-Long4554d ago

@ above.. 4 isn't enough anymore. I hate giving up one move for another sometimes

Redempteur4554d ago

not only they need to enhance the battle visually ( 8bit sound doesn't cut it anymore ) bu they need to do real trick to the battle system and finally do a decent online mode

Darkfocus4554d ago

HM move should no longer take up move slots. I hate carrying around two HM slaves all the time

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wingman32x4554d ago

I'm up for changes, but I don't want them to change the game mechanics too much. So I'm cautiously optimistic.

I want 6 moves, enhanced pokemon cries, better graphics engine, and more balanced movesets/stats for the pokemon.

Kalowest4554d ago

I agree, your lists of wants are actually very reasonable.

gumgum994553d ago (Edited 4553d ago )

Also, make pokemon following you a standard feature. Its what I liked from Pokemon Yellow, and hope this addition becomes permanent, and not just an exclusive to HeartGold/SoulSilver.