The PS3's Biggest Exclusive For 2010 Is…

TheSixthAxis: "You can't deny that the PS3 has already had a cracking 2010, with big hitters like Heavy Rain and God of War III already out of the starting blocks. And although Gran Turismo 5 is still set for later this year, none of the above can match up with this year's finest title, the one I literally can't stop playing… "

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deadreckoning6663116d ago

For them it's Modnation Racers, for me it'll most likely be GT5.

cobraagent3116d ago

MNR is like LBP, you love it, you hate it, you leave it and finally you re-play it. GT5 is a comittment, you don't leave it

vhero3116d ago

It is gonna be huge for Sony and there play/create brand they throwing about.

Christopher3116d ago

My PS3 games of 2010 have already been released (Heavy Rain, GoW3). If Last Guardian makes it out by the end of the year, it might be another one. DC Online is definitely on the top of my list, but will likely play it more on PC than PS3.

ModNation Racers is definitely intriguing, but I'm not normally into racing games. It's definitely a good answer to MarioKart with great tools for building custom tracks. GT5 is a racing game, so not my cup of tea.

Method3116d ago (Edited 3116d ago )

Hmmmm a game that's been in development for over 6 years by the most prestigious racing developers or not Gran Turismo 5. Difficult choice!

Having a different opinion is fine, but these guys are out of their minds if they genuinely believe any racing game within the next 5 years will even come close to matching the greatness of Gran Turismo 5.

BYE3116d ago (Edited 3116d ago )

Yep, Gran Turismo is huge. It has the biggest fanbase out of all exclusive franchises.

Even people I know that are total non-gamers are waiting for it.

Arnon3116d ago

Agreed. Heavy Rain and God of War 3 were my two games for the PS3 in 2010 that I really wanted. The only other two exclusives that I know of that are confirmed for either late this year or next year that I actually care for are The Last Guardian and Final Fantasy XIII Versus.

No doubt Gran Turismo 5 will be big, but eh... I'm done with racing/driving sims. Never played SOCOM and honestly haven't cared to. Modnation Racers is going to be another Little Big Planet for me, in that I'll play it for a while, mess around with it's level creator, and then put it away. I really don't know what else there is that I want for the PS3 aside from TLG and Versus.

Commander TK3116d ago

exclusive. We all complain about how 360 fans & fanboys count games on 360 and PC as exclusives. And suddenly now, ModNation Racers is a PS3 exclusive? I know hanheld games r very different from console/operating system versions, but still. Hypocrisy much?

Christopher3116d ago

@Commander TK: That's stretching it.

Redempteur3116d ago

as for me i'll enjoy both games ( gt5 and MNR )

FragGen3116d ago

Modnation Racers is going to be SEX ON WHEELS. Play, Create, Share, FTW.

FragGen3116d ago

@CommanderTK: No matter how you slice it or define it: It's sill ONLY ON PLAYSTATION. :)

raztad3116d ago

GoW3 was my most expected game this gen, not to mention this year. I'm absolutely satisfied with it. Anything else coming later is just cream on top. Time to play some old cheap multiplats (like Fallout 3) and some MAG. TLG will be day one though. Team ICO always comes up with mindblowing stuff.

MorganX3116d ago

Really? No, Really? I don't think so. I just bought a slim after selling my big and I'm saying, Seriously?

I'll sit back and wait for non-exclusives F1 2010, Magic The Gathering, and Brink. With Sony's graphic and audio advantage, doesn't matter if a game is exclusive or not. It just needs to be on PS3.

I'm sure MR will have it's fans, I mean look at Mario Kart, but exclusive of the year? Really?

Cevapi883116d ago

the ability to build tracks like in MNR + GT5=WIN WIN for me...just imagine the sort of tracks you can come up with in GT5...STUNNING

N4BmpS3116d ago

You are stretching it while making yourself look know. And anyway yeah it's not only on the PS3 but it is only on the Playstation brand. I would explain the Mutil-platform, Exclusive and console exclusive thing to you but what's the point. Battling ignorance is a losing battle.

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kingme713116d ago

While I think ModNation Racers is flying under the radar and will be alot of fun, I would stop there from saying the biggest exclusive for 2010.
I know my kids will love building tracks and trying to torture me with insane obstacles.

WildArmed3116d ago

while I agree its definitely not the biggest for me, but it is a very good pick. This game is seriously under the radar.. it hasn't got much exposure and hype like LBP.

It looks like a great game, something i can see picking up and playing whenever i feel like it (like LBP).

The Modnation beta was pretty insane. I can't believe what people did with the limited assets offered in the beta. I can't wait to see what they do in the retail version..
I personally couldn't create anything if my life depended on it lol

GenerationWinner3116d ago

look at the gamerzone comments. As soon as they see the media around the world buzzing with 360 news and exclusives they will start typin articles like mad tryin to justify what money they wasted lol. I feel for you droids i really do but you should direct your fanboyism toward your betrayer. SONY

ArcFatalix3116d ago (Edited 3116d ago )

Microsoft has 3. so watch your mouth.

oh look gears of war 3 in april 2011 that is next year, how great. Seriously keep playing halo gears every year u dumbwit.

PS3 winning goty 2 years in a row it will take this year as well.

Funny thing is we play games you people keep dreaming about them.

mcnablejr3116d ago

''Funny thing is we play games you people keep dreaming about them.''

funny thing is my ps3 is covered in dust.

ThatCanadianGuy3116d ago

"funny thing is my ps3 is covered in dust"
And? My 360 is covered in dust too, in fact, i haven't even turned it on since 2008.

What's your point? As if your personal bias to an electronic box represents everyones opinion? Moron.

jeseth3116d ago

- No standard HDD . . . MS says give me your $$$

- Pay for online .. . . MS says give me your $$$

- Want Wifi . . . . MS says give me your $$$

- Want an HD media with uncompressed audio . . . . MS says "HD DVD is the future" (heh heh heh), buy our HD DVD add on drive (more of your $$$ and it didn't last a year)

- Want awesome exclusive games from a wide variety of genre's . . . MS says

BUY A PS3 !!!

Hahahahaha. 360 hasn't had good games since 08. All they can do is milk Halo to death. I feel bad for Mass Effect, it would sell more on PS3 (like most RPGs do).

Tony Montana3116d ago

Why would you be happy about dust covering your console that you spent your hard earned money on?

GiantEnemyCrab3116d ago (Edited 3116d ago )

What are you talking about? Heavy Rain, MLB: The Show, God of War 3.. All great games and all being played right now. Not to mention all top quality as well..

Funny thing is even if Sony stopped releasing games today I could still watch all the latest HD movies on Blu-ray, surf the web, use it as a media extender and that is plenty of justification for the purchase even before the games come into play.

avengers19783116d ago

That's funny how Mod Nation Racers(the 5th PS3 exclusive) is being put down by the bots, when to this point not a single 360 exclusive has come out yet.
Oh, and MNR will be out in May shortly after Alan Wake, but the bots are spending most there time talking about how great Halo:Reach and Gears 3 are going to be games that don't even come out till this holiday season, and next year respectively.
But where out of line talking about Mod Nation Racers--Potential GOTY
plus it will probably sell better than Mass Effect 2, Splinter Cell, And Alan Wake.

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labwarrior3116d ago ShowReplies(8)
BubbleSniper3116d ago (Edited 3116d ago )

not only you got name that doesnt go with user avatar but you think we

care about exclusive flop news from ms

Flopza III = flop

Nuts and Bolts = flop

Gameroom = flop

Lips = flop

Lagtal = flop

Losing sales to PS3 on weekly basis WW = flop

inadvertently bein pushed into 3rd place = flop

-slaps chalkboard-

what we learn today children?

FLOP IN... for left over ms points and to find halo wars stats

where are those stats!?
-keeps looking-