Critical Gamer: Devil's Tuning Fork – PAX East Interview with Jason Pecho

Critical Gamer writes: The great thing about interviewing a developer of an indie game is that we can point you in the direction of a new, free game to play. Devil's Tuning Fork is just such a game (and you can get it here: But it won't always be that way if budding developer Jason Pecho and his team get their way. This IGF Student Showcase winner is getting a ton of buzz, and deservedly so – it's awesome! At PAX East, we had a chance to speak with Mr. Pecho, project lead on the game, about the inspiration, challenges, and future goals for this clever first-person puzzle game.

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scruffy_bear3119d ago

Devil’s Tuning Fork looks awesome got to get it a go

Pidgeridoo3119d ago

Wow this look's pretty cool!!

Cubes3119d ago

Good to see innovation isn't dead, this game looks pretty impressive.

Jim Crikey3119d ago

This sounds great, if they expand it for a console release I'm definitely buying!

Jockie3119d ago

Sounds good, gonna give it a go now.

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