Crytek: 'Crysis 2 On PS3/360 Forces PC Cuts'

NG: In an exclusive interview with NowGamer, Crytek boss Cevat Yerli intimated that, rare though it is, on occasion elements which work on the PC version but aren't able to scale down to the consoles, simply don't go in...

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Feckles3981d ago

Wasn't the engine supposed to handle this kind of thing?

vhero3981d ago

honestly should never have been brought to consoles unless it was a console standard port. It was a terrible idea really as the PC community gonna be in uproar about it but whatever this was kinda obvious from the moment they announced it was coming to consoles.

JsonHenry3981d ago

The consoles have a much more limited power package than the PC. The lack of DX 10/11 alone means that consoles automatically are gonna have things cut from the game engine just because they simply can't run things that require DX10/11.

However, after watching the newest in game videos I don't really think too many people are gonna be complaining when the game comes out regardless of the platform you are playing it on. Which is good news for ALL gamers.

StanLee3981d ago

The XBox 360 is gimping the PS3, the consoles are gimping the PC and the Wii is gimping the entire generation. The gen seems totally regressive to me.

solar3981d ago

so an innovative idea that works on PC gets cut because consoles cant handle it? gaming is so stagnant it's disgusting.

JsonHenry3981d ago

It makes me sick to my stomach as well. :(

sid4gamerfreak3981d ago

Oh great, the developer is saying the EXACT SAME THING i said on n4g just the other day which got so many disagrees on.

The consoles is limiting and holding back the potential technology on the pc. If there were no consoles, pc graphics would be 10X better than it currently is (which im not complaining, pc graphics are pretty outstanding currently)

sikbeta3981d ago

Nice, I can feel the Upcoming Hate of the Proud PC Gamers with "da most powarful Gaming Rig eva" against Consoles thanks to this...

Well guys, it could be Worst... like a Wii port....

raztad3981d ago

Whinny PC fans really dont get it, do they?

Stop the crying, you are the one holding back PC gaming. If Crytek, needed to port Crysis 2 to consoles is because it's pretty much obvious PC sales dont recoup investment and generate profit.

Stop pirating and publishers wont feel like using DRM. More developers will be on board producing exclusive AAA games on the PC, and less second hand port from consoles.

JonnyBadfinger3981d ago (Edited 3981d ago )

I'm sitting here with a recently dislocated now relocated shoulder... and I'm more angry that once again developers are nerfin a PC game because of consoles.

Even though I'm not a PC gamer, its laziness on Crytek's behalf that the PC gamers will suffer, just because consoles cant cut it doesn't mean that the PC version should suffer for a consoles incompetence.
Make the entire game with what ever feature it is then just cut out at the end... that PC wins and consoles are well... where they should be.

Is it really that hard to make the console version separately from the the PC version. PC gamers spend more money on their gaming rigs to only get slapped in the face by consoles... sorry, but if they pay more, they should get more.

piroh3981d ago (Edited 3981d ago )

first he told every version for every platform will be the same
then he told the ps3 will use full power but that must mean the game will be 50gb big
and now he talks PS3 Forces PC Cuts

i wonder if that game will be bigger than 50gb. if not Crysis 2 will be gimped for ps3

first he must learn how to tame the Cell

Ju3981d ago

You PC elitists keep crying. Better come back when your "rig" supports 50GB games...welcome to the world of 36M PS3 gamers, where every (multiplatform) game is gimped to DVD sizes.

GiantEnemyCrab3981d ago

Ju - All multiplatform games gimped? I supposed that is why %90 of games perform better on the 360.. What a convenient excuse..

Funny to hear PS3 gamers trying to put themselves on the PC level...

karlowma3981d ago

I have 8 terabytes of available storage connected to my PC. How much can a Blu-Ray hold again? 25GB single/50GB dual, to answer my own question. The PS3 stacks up nicely against the Xbox 360, but don't think you're in the same league as even a mid-range (~$600) PC. I'm glad you enjoy 30GB of High-def cutscenes in all your favorite games, but find another spec to run your mouth about. Storage just isn't gonna get you there.

Btw I have a Blu-ray drive in my PC. It was $60. Just sayin.

RagTagBnd4453981d ago

I can't understand how you keep discussing disc size, because this is not the problem, the problem is the hardware, they cut the pc version, because they did not want to use time on something which was not possible on consoles, neither 360 or PS3. Anyway, about the disc size, because of the way pc games work, most pc games don't care if a game is multi disc or not.

And 50gb space are not needed, unless you want long hd quality cut scenes, most pc games do not contain long cutscenes so that is not a problem. The problem is on the 360 were they have to compress the cut scenes, and the PS3 were they do not.

piroh3981d ago

PC is a Rig
PS3 is Ferrari

TheIneffableBob3981d ago (Edited 3981d ago )

Crysis sold 3 million copies. Crytek made a profit.

The reason why Crysis 2 is going to consoles is because Cevat Yerli is greedy, to be totally honest. He wants Call of Duty-level sales -- like 7 million and more copies.

Ju3981d ago

They cut the PS3 version, because they do not want to stream textures, they do not want to use the HDD as a swap, they do not want to exceed the 6GB DVD limit to put some more high res textures on the disk (because they could use up to 50GB for art) and they do not want to use 7.1 audio (well, maybe they do). etc. etc. Stop crying.

And, no point in putting a BD drive into a PC. No game is delivered on BDs for PC.

ColdFire3981d ago

PC supports Blu-Ray, it's just not needed, games bigger than DVD are needed, but due to PC's install we can have multiple DVD, or as is often the case, one big download. I own one 20gb game, and 3 15gb games. They could be on Blu Ray, buy cheaper just multiple DVD's/download.

Ju3981d ago (Edited 3981d ago )

... and that is as far as that goes. 2 disks or your download threshold is reached (or my patience for that matter). Heck, I own Last Remnant from Steam. 12GB. So, yeah, was great fun downloading that...

Hey, I'm pretty sure, if PCs would get BD as standard, you guys would get pretty excited about that; with games coming out on BD for PCs. I would, I am still waiting for that to happen. Still too expensive, though.

The industry would be happy, too. One more layer of security. And have fun downloading those torrents, then.

Tony P3981d ago

@Ju: You don't get it at all. Blu-ray *at best* MARGINALLY benefits PC gaming.

The heck is there to get excited about? Installing from one disc at a slower rate? DVDs are faster for us and and cheaper for devs. And there is no "extra security" involved since PC games don't play from the disc like console games.

evrfighter3981d ago

lol, look at the ps3 fanboys thinkin they can talk in the same room as pc gamers.

shouldn't you guys be in the backyard fighting over leftovers with 360 owners?

thread is hilarious

vickers5003981d ago

The ever increasing ego on pc gamers is astounding.

DaTruth3981d ago

*LBP tune plays*

Welcome to our world!!!

Shepherd 2143981d ago

Im not buying a high end PC to play this stuff. Im not going to play "point and click" with a mouse and keyboard. I like the controller more and ive had a fantastic time with my 360 and PS3 owners have had a fantastic time with their console. If a dev lets a console hold them back then so be it, thats the developers fault not mine. it doesnt bother me because i dont play games made after 2004 on my low end PC anyways.

Im sure the console versions of Crysis 2 will be good enough, and i have other things to worry about in my life other than "1 out of a 100" instances that a piece of content was cut because of console limitations.

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byeGollum3981d ago (Edited 3981d ago )

at least they are honest about it :)
it should still be awesome though
but PC only gamers will moan about this till the end of time.
Devs shouldn't be letting info like this out.. they need to realize some people get sensitive about iishh like this. "omg they had to cut the game for consoles, I aint buyin' it" lol

tdrules3981d ago

oh so PC gamers can't complain about dumbing down but PS3 owners can about multiplatform titles being brought down by the 360.

double standardssss

Def Warrant3981d ago (Edited 3981d ago )


Only problem is that most multiplat games are made on pc first (with superior assets) then ported to the 360/PS3.

Critek on the other hand said they are developing crisis separately to take advantage of each platform so i don't know whey there would be cuts? Unless M$ gave them a nasty call.

But when we talk about console multiplat games, most are developed first on the 360 with countless evidence that the lack of a larger medium/hdd hurts the chances of the ps3 getting a superior game (proven by ps3 exclusives).

And no it's not double standards if it's fact :)

tdrules3981d ago

the difference between PC and Console is absolutely massive compared to PS3 and 360

sikbeta3981d ago

Why they [Crytek] didn't Develop the Game Entirely Exclusive for PC and then Make the Ports, so by that PC Gamers have the Best Version and Consoles have the Version that "suits" better, just saying...

mcslick1013981d ago (Edited 3981d ago )

Well you know if CryTek wanted to showcase their 'amazing' new engine, then this was a stupid decision. It frankly, makes Yerli look a bit mad in the head, surely they would want to show case the engine to it's maximum potential.

I'm going to stick with Epic for the time being, anyone can create a great game using the Unreal Engine, but CryEngine 2 to be honest seemed to be only visually good when there was lots of foliage and also it seems that mods for Crysis didn't look as good as mods for UT2K7.

So it seems if only Crytek can make graphically superior games with the CryEngine, what's the point? Crysis was terrible, story made no sense, gameplay was alright but got boring after a while, Graphics were excellent, but I think that was the designers in collaboration with the engine.

I just think Crytek Frankfurt are silly making this decision and I now think that because of this, they won't be as profitable with their engine and game as they hoped.

Sez 3981d ago

The only thing holding the ps3 back when it comes to multiplats is the ps3 not the 360. It has been said time and time again. That it cost more to dev for the ps3 than it is for the 360. Which is why the 360 is most of the time the lead platform. And being as MS/Sony don't support multiplats financially. Which is a reason why exclusive looks better than multiplats is because the dev is getting financial help from Sony/ms.

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Def Warrant3981d ago

In comes PC extremists in 3...2...1...

ape0073981d ago

get the "superior" pc version eh

I thought all ps3 fanboys here own high-end pcs


Inferno3981d ago

I don't know about the others, but if the game is not available on the PS3, I get it on PC.. and if it's available for the PS3, I will get it on the PS3.
For me, it's not about the superior version or whatever, it's about that I don't want to get a 360 for 3-4 games which I can play on my PC without a problem.

The Wood3981d ago

low blow man, lol

crysis is another kettle of fish compared to pcs that can run the other games.. you mean ape:(

sikbeta3981d ago


Ah... who told you that you need high-end pcs for playing Games?

I'm not a multi-console Owner, so when there is a Game that is not on the PS3 but there is a PC version, I play it even if my PC is a Piece of Crap, I know I can't play Crysis with Amazing Graphis, but sitll can play it...

karlowma3981d ago

Isn't it the 360 owners who need the high-end PC's? They (disclosure: we) need it for the web browser, right?

Ju3981d ago

I got a notebook which runs most games (core duo QudroFX570M) and a Quad desktop. And yet, I prefer gaming on the PS3. I agree with Inferno. I buy for the PC what I can't get for the PS3 (not a lot, I have to admit).

Gue13981d ago

We only use PC when certain games like L4D are exclusively on the X360 but they are availible on the PC too. Now do you understand or need a bigger map? =)

Consoles are more convienient but why buy a PS3 and X360 when you already have a PC? So the logic says "buy a PS3" because most X360 exclusives are on PC.

You see? I cannot be more clear than this... But you're stupid, no wonder you have a monkey as your avatar!

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Def Warrant3981d ago (Edited 3981d ago )

More like 'Crysis 2 On 360 Forces PC/PS3 Cuts'

lol /jk

Lighten up folks, it's friday (well here in AUS that is).

byeGollum3981d ago

but the consoles got locked down hardware, it's a bit ignorant to complain about "dumbin down" but anyways...

Def Warrant3981d ago (Edited 3981d ago )

I agree. If they wanted the best game they could develop they would have kept it PC exclusive. And come on, we all know why they chose to go the PC/PS3/360 route. Here's a hint "$$$" :)

With all their arrogance lately i hope the game actually turns out good. Graphics can only get you so far.