An Extensive Interview With StarCraft II's Design Director

GI: Dustin Browder, the design director for Blizzard Entertainment's upcoming mega-RTS StarCraft II: Wings of LIberty, took time out of his busy Zerg-nerfing schedule to speak with us about the philosophy behind the game. Strap yourselves in, because we're in for several pages of exclusive info on one of the biggest PC games of the year.

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vhero3206d ago

Is anybody else losing complete interest in this game?? I was so psyched when they announced it but the nuked so much since the initial announcement from LAN to splitting into 3 games and after playing the BETA I am far from impressed..

AntoineDcoolette3205d ago

Splitting it into 3 segments doesn't bother me as long as each provides as much content / as many missions as the original Starcraft. Gives Blizzard an opportunity to better flesh out the story and make more cinematics... just stay positive.