Splinter Cell Conviction and Critical Gamer at Reading

Critical Gamer writes: I didn't get off to a good start. I left Reading train station by the wrong exit (please don't ask me how, I have no idea) and as a result, what should have been a sixty second stroll to HMV turned into a 40 minute journey of discovery. Unfortunately, all I discovered was that I have no sense of direction.

I eventually went where all men fear to tread, and Asked For Directions. Having thus swallowed my pride, I nearly choked on it when I was cheerfully informed that HMV was several hundred metres directly behind me. Fortunately the chap I asked was headed in the same general direction as I should have been and so I was led, like a lost and frightened child, most of the way to Reading's HMV Gamerbase. I did by some small miracle make it there before the event officially began however; and the full retail version of Splinter Cell Conviction was waiting there for me.

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IDesertFoxI3204d ago

Really looking forward to this one. I'm very interested to see how much of the old Splinter Cell has been left in, or if it is a complete revamp to the new 'panther' like Fisher.

scruffy_bear3204d ago

Yeah Splinter Cell is sounding really good

BeaArthur3204d ago's very similar, just at a faster pace.

Pidgeridoo3204d ago

This is turning out great!

scruffy_bear3204d ago

Lokking forward to getting Splinter Cell after reading this preview very nice

Cubes3204d ago

I just hope us PS3 owners get to play it as well!

GameOn3204d ago

You just need a capable PC or 360.

Jim Crikey3204d ago

They're still saying no PS3 version is on the cards. But just you wait...

Jockie3204d ago

If I owned a gun id probably shoot out lighbulbs as well, Homer Simpson style.

scruffy_bear3204d ago

I was thinking the same thing, Luke so like a blast to play co-op with

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