Friday Night Face-Off: Dante vs. Kratos

In the debut edition of Friday Night Face-Off, the troubled crusader from Dante's Inferno faces off against the sadistic deity from God of War, as Dante battles Kratos! Who will win this inaugural clash of the titans?

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xXRight3yeXx3117d ago

Dante's head would be ripped off and used as a torchlight. His weapons will be taken and be used to slay other Gods. Truthfully speakin, Kratos would cut Dante's d!ck off and laugh at him.

hay3117d ago

No brainer. Kratos messes with Gods in more brutal way and with bigger ease than Dante messes with monsters or demons.
They are in different league.

Kratos would beat the sh*t out of Dante without breaking a sweat.

Ryuha1234h3117d ago

Should have been Dante from DMC instead.