MMO dev fools pirates with torrent data 'leak'

UK development group Monumental is the newest company revealed to have imaginatively used torrent sites to bolster the popularity of its games.

Monumental COO Paul Mayze said the firm uploaded its MMO Football Superstars onto torrent sites such as The Pirate Bay – a measure which saw the game's download numbers jump.

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thiefen3113d ago

Yes, they were fooled! By downloading a free to play game. How can you say they were fooled? Torrent sites aren't only used for piracy you know :P

hay3113d ago

The one who's a fool is the author of this article. Noone got fooled. For some people torrenting bigger amount data is more convenient than http download due to various reasons. Faultless resuming, no disconnects, convenience etc.

ruiner44823113d ago

Torrents are the best way to transfer data over the internetz. Some people are not very smart.

Redempteur3112d ago

another prime example when the lack of knowledge of the writter is obvious

Baka-akaB3113d ago

Someone fooled itself into the idea that torrents are exclusively for piracy purposes

DeeBee3113d ago

That's what I was thinking. All they did was use another distribution method. More methods of distribution would logically mean more people downloading it.

GrilledCheeseBook3113d ago

the writer just seems retarded now

juanvan3112d ago

The writer should have taken a Hard look at what he was writing about...
All iso linux installs I download are torrents - it the fastest and best method. People do use it for none illegal software.

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