It's all academic, isn't it?

Bryony Stewart-Seume writes "I have a degree in History and Archaeology, and I play quite a lot of video games. I am due to finish an MA this year, but if I fail to complete it my gaming habits will be high on my 'to blame' list (of course, the real reason will be my chronic procrastination, but I have too much self-denial to be able to fully admit to that). This year at college I have been following a course about the ways in which the past is viewed in the present; how it can be manipulated, presented… all that sort of stuff. It has been an immensely interesting course, not least as the syllabus was delivered to us in early October.

Now gamers, you will know why this time was so special… no? October saw the release of Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. One of the scheduled seminars was to focus on the presentation of 'archaeology' in popular culture. The readings/viewings recommended for this session were all televsion/film based. Being mildly obsessive and greatly excited about Uncharted 2, my first thought was "what about video games?" Within ten minutes of commencing the course, I had an essay title, and a vague idea of where it was going. (If only I could do this for all the courses I am taking, I might have a hope in hell for completion)."

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