Mistwalker reveal The Last Story's central protagonists

The Lost Gamer writes "The official website for Mistwalker Studios' upcoming Nintendo Wii title The Last Story has today been updated, providing an insight not only into the story of the game but also providing artwork that presents the two protagonists that are set to feature."

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rlineker3113d ago

Cant wait for this will be great!

Rainstorm813113d ago

I thought MS owned mystwalker studios... where is blue dragon 2

Lucreto3113d ago

Ms doesn't own Mistwalker. MS helped him set up the studio and got another studio help him develop on the 360. (This studio is now making a PS3 game or something)

As pay back he had to make 3 titles for the 360. He made two but Cry On was cancelled and the contract ended.

Smacktard3112d ago

I'm looking forward to this game, but the hero looks like the same girly-boy loose, floating clothing-wearing type we've been sick of for years. What happened to shining armor and badassery?

labwarrior3113d ago

So, why bother ? Unless the gameplay is so groundbreaking of course to make me consider it, but the visuals will be terrible comapring to even the worst looking next gen (PC-360-PS3) RPGs

CherryLu-Chan3112d ago

All that's been seen so far is some gorgeous painted artwork. The game itself hasn't been seen at all outside of those.
Sakaguchi is a master and I can't wait to see what he has in store.
And why are you once again trolling a Wii thread and bestowing how great PS3/360 visuals are?

Meryl3112d ago

sad fanboy even us PS3 fans are willing to except that the Last Story has the potential to be a masterpiece as graphics are not everything, I am sure the father of FF will push the Wii to it's limits.

Baka-akaB3112d ago

dont bother guys , he's a rather famous troll i believe over gametrailers

coolfool3112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

They don't seem to be treading any new ground but they make RPG's for people who got into RPG's for the way they used to be.

But one question, why don't they develop for the PS3? There is a whole Japan out there that could buy their stuff.

Meryl3112d ago

we can hope this indeed happens, us PS3 gamers would gladly purchase his games, I once bought a x360 just for Lost Odyssey, but I sold it after that, the father of FF is missed, FF XIII does not feel like an FF and was a huge letdown for me

firelogic3112d ago

He wants SE to stop rehashin FF and wouldn't you know it, he's got two cliched main characters. Effeminate dude with long hair and an over-sized sword with a prissy female character with an animal. Wow, way to break the mould there Sakaguchi!

Seekerofthewind3112d ago

You're kidding...right? xD That's about normal-sized as far as swords go. The design is interesting, though.

And how do we know the female is prissy? Prissy is an attitude, not a physical appearance.

bigjclassic3112d ago

This entire gen has been terrible for JRPGs and I need a great one to keep me happy. Besides JRPGs on the DS and some here and there on home consoles they are lacking.

Bring on Last Story, Xenoblade and Arc Rise Fantasia.