Splinter Cell Conviction review - 8/10 in EDGE

CVG: Tom Clancy title 'in reach of greatness' says multiformat mag.

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VG_Releaser3301d ago

Not quite the blockbuster everyone had planned on.

N4PS3G3301d ago (Edited 3301d ago )

I don't think Edge giving God of War 3 -8/10 , Heavy Rain-7/10 , MGS4-8/10, Mass Effect 1 - 7/10 stopped any of them from being blockbuster titles and scoring 9+ the majority of the sites.

Plus Edge has Given 8/10 to all the previous Splinter Cell games: Pandora Tomorrow,Chaos Theory and Double Agent. So it should be as great as the others.

seinfan3301d ago

I'm buying it. What the hell do I care what others think? From what I've seen, I like it.

TOO PAWNED3301d ago

Wait, so now we DO care about EDGE scores? I though we don't care after they gave low scores to some PS3 exclusives?

byeGollum3301d ago

I like Edge for this :) they remind you people that 7-8 is still a good score unlike other sites who stamp game 8.9, 9.25. 9.5 etc hihihi .. if you don't kno an 8 is good then .....

RedPawn3301d ago

Looks Great, and can I add HTH Dead or Alive PSP gets a 6. Edge editors need to get some real [email protected]@.

Rainstorm813301d ago

According to Edge Bayonetta is GotY 2010 so Far.

People complain about HHG but Edge is just as bad when it comes to reviews. Why does anyone care??

Paradicia3301d ago (Edited 3301d ago )

The hypocrisy around here is just hilarious!

Watch how people will start saying how justifiable the 8/10 Conviction got. Did God of War 3 deserve an 8/10? NOOOOOOOOOO said the loyalists.

View attached image to see what I'm talking about.

dangert123301d ago

I think edge has beef with alot of companies

The Wood3301d ago

fair point and im not sure if ur the type that might listen but EDGE regularly give lower than the average scores to ps3 exclusives. They also tend to give games developed by their compatriots higher than average scores (see codemasters) Im not dismissing the score as ive only played the demo but theres just something about edge and their behaviour since this gen started.

3301d ago
thor3301d ago (Edited 3301d ago )

Edge DO rate games under their metacritic score on average, regardless of platform. However, if this were a PS3 game, I could expect its metacritic score to be 93. If this were a 360 game, I could expect it to be 85.

See the attached image. We'll see how accurate my predictions turn out to be. Note that GoW3 has exactly 93 on metacritic and it got 8/10 from Edge.

The Wood3301d ago

cheers for that...Its been obvious for a while but sometimes we're labeled paranoid. Im glad some people dont mind speaking up.

bjornbear3301d ago


hint: it isn't a conspiracy theory =) its called Nationalism, and every country has done it, and now U.S.A is doing it =)

here's more proof OUTSIDE of videogames:

but it applies to everything, its all about making people focus on investing on National instead of international products, and this is where the media bias comes in =)

so...yeah, great score but I like many just don't trust Edge, i'll wait for the over all scores =)

sikbeta3301d ago

8/10 is Good, don't start with "da metascorez" cuz, as always it never end well...

thor3301d ago

Nice theory, except Edge magazine are from the UK. I think it's easier to accept that they're biased simply because their reviewers are fanboys. It can happen.

The Wood3301d ago cant say can that even be possible.../s

HolyOrangeCows3301d ago (Edited 3301d ago )

LOL, if EDGE gave this an 8, what will the other sites give it?

RadientFlux3301d ago

probably 9+ scores, which really isn't too surprising as most Splinter Cell games are highly reviewed.

rockleex3301d ago (Edited 3301d ago )

If we're using a 100 point scale, then Edge gives 360 exclusives 4 points less than the Metacritic average.

Edge gives multiplats 7 points less than the Metacritic average.

While Edge gives PS3 exclusives a whopping 11 points less than the Metacritic average.

Its all in the link that "bjornbear" provided above. And I will post that link too, just in case some people missed it.


vhero3301d ago (Edited 3301d ago )

I had to laugh.... Anyways a 360 so called exclusive game thats been hyped to death not getting a 9 in EDGE?? It must be terrible.. I think I might cancel my preorder of PC version.. @ above thanks for that link it proves my perfect point.

PSFan1003301d ago

8 is a good score, if i liked xbox i'd buy it on that! They gave GoW3 8 as well and that was based on that, i'll pick it up on PC.

3301d ago
UltraNova3301d ago

I've just hit the link you posted and I have to say that it was an eye opener.. Edge is clearly biased against the ps3. We all knew it but this just slams it on your face so hard you cannot deny it..

Christopher3301d ago

Actually, that's a great score coming from EDGE. Same score as God of War 3.

3301d ago
StanLee3301d ago (Edited 3301d ago )

Not a bad score from Edge. Looking forward to the game. Look at all the fanboys calling Edge a fanboy magazine. LOL!

Fanb0y3301d ago (Edited 3301d ago )

I like edge. No game is even close to perfect. They've got the right idea.

But 8 perfect enough.

I just don't like sites where they spam out 9/10s.

EDIT: Is the review embargo lifted already?

gaffyh3301d ago

Edge's scoring system makes no sense!!! It never has and it never will.

I'll wait for IGN, Gamespot and Giantbomb reviews personally, but even if they give the game a low score, I'll still be getting it, cos I love Splinter Cell.

Christopher3301d ago

@madden10: I've drawn the same conclusion myself many times. Regardless, though, their scores for 360 titles do tend to be closer to the norm of a game. So, an 8/10 isn't an inflated score, just if it was on the PS3 it likely would have been lower.

As a person who actually subscribes to EDGE, trust me I see how much Sony tries to stay away from EDGE other than buying Ad space. It was funny reading through the last issue with the mass majority of the ads being for PS3 exclusives and the majority of the articles about 360/Natal/Wii items when thy were discussing individual games.

Gue13301d ago

For edge the only good games this gen are Halo, GeoW and Bayonetta... What a bad taste.

Mo0eY3301d ago

I cannot wait to play this masterpiece on my Xbox 360.

Obama3301d ago

"Edge is a 360 fanboy magazine, they gave EVERY 360 console exclusive a 9 or a 10 and EVERY PS3 real exclusive a 7/10, so SC getting a 8 from them is really BAD."

Can't believe anyone would disagreed with you as this is TRUE. Check the ps3/360 reviews average Edge has given in the past 6 years; you can't dispute with FACTS.

clarkjudo3301d ago (Edited 3301d ago )

Response given in this "review" is only a personal opinion or taste. It doesn't and will not reflect the majority of other reviews or an individual gamers response (the one who played the game).

"However, the mag finds flaws in the games 'short' single-player campaign - and says that too much of the title is played in new atmospheric monocrome."

at·mos·pher·ic  (tm-sfrk, -sfîr-) also at·mos·pher·i&# 183;cal (--kl) adj.
1. Of, relating to, or existing in the atmosphere.

mon·o·chrome (mŏn'ə-krōm') n.
1. A picture, especially a painting, done in different shades of a single color.
2. The art or technique of executing such a picture.
3. The state of being in a single color.
4. A black-and-white image, as in photography or on television.

pixelsword3301d ago (Edited 3301d ago )


*wipes eyes*


Whoa; they really up-score 360 exclusives so I'll have to wait to see how others rate it.

Someone did an article on how Edge is biased:

so what does this mean for SC:C?

Parapraxis3301d ago

It is up on torrent sites already.

Greywulf3301d ago (Edited 3301d ago )

I'm not saying its a bad/good score.

And I could care less about the game, but Edge's review is what im talking about. Giving a game a 5/10 when everything else is 10/10 9/10 is what edge does. People will just pretend people are complaining and being fanboys, but no one is going to dare refute the links/proof.

I'd like to see the other reviews for this. If everything else is 8, well then we were right again.

n to the b3301d ago

for now, can't get enough stylized monochrome-y goodness if u ask me. that 1st area in Dark Sector really impressed me. but I suppose if the effect gets overused we'll get tired of it... monochrome = the new 'bullet time'?

3300d ago
Bubble Buddy3300d ago

Reviews are still screwed up. Some sites will score 1-10 while the majority will score 6-10. EDGE might have a different view on the point system, but in the end, it throws off the balance of Metacritic, etc.

zane_78493300d ago

Edge sort of seems to hate life, so *grain of salt.

SantistaUSA3300d ago

I agree with you about 7-8 being a good score, but unfortunately the company that I work for if a customer does a survey on us and they give us an 8, that to the company is the same as ZERO!!!! Just ridiculous if you ask me!

3300d ago
Therealspy033300d ago (Edited 3300d ago )

umm..yeah..i happen to agree with edge about bayonetta. and i've played, and own most of, nearly every game worth mentioning so far this year.

it's just an opinion...get over it.

HHG and Edge are nothing alike. edge gives honest, controversial reviews and explains why. HHG uses flaimbait titles to get hits and then offers nothing in the way of facts, useful information, or even a clear use of the english language.

@bjornbear. that doesn't really explain why their goty for 2010 so far is a japanese game. also i think someone else mentioned edge is based in europe...not the us.

EDIT: And once again....what is up with all the ps3 fanboys commenting on an article that is a review for a game that has NOTHING TO DO WITH YOUR SYSTEM?!?

rexus123453300d ago

Previews will never say anything bad about a game unless it's really bad. And trailers are heavily edited to make a game much more appealing.
So if you are not a fan of the game's franchise, better read reviews before you buy.

ArmrdChaos3300d ago least they didn't do something totally retarded and give it an 11 out of 10.

3300d ago
xXRight3yeXx3300d ago

I might just pirate the PC version since it has no multi-player anyway.

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Funky Town_TX3301d ago (Edited 3301d ago )

The lack of dead body movement is holding me back. I don't know about this one. I need to read a few full reviews I don't care what the score says. I don't buy games based on ratings. The demo was a tutorial, so Ubi has me hanging. You guys care way to much about scores.

Christopher3301d ago

If the lack of a single previous feature without recognition of newly added features is holding you back, then just give up. I understand that the demo isn't very representative of what some people may have been expecting, but at least read the reviews and see how it holds up by someone who's played the whole game. And don't make an excuse that you can't move bodies as a reason to not get it when they've added some really nice new gameplay modes and other gameplay features.

BannedForNineYears3301d ago

Honestly, giving a game like GOW 3 an 8 is kinda a good thing. What happens when a better game comes out? IE, when Xplay gave Halo 2 a 5/5 and then Halo 3 came out and they were like "We wish we could give Halo 2 4/5 just to show how much better it is".
Good job Edge ^_^.

aaronisbla3301d ago

it doesn't work that way and it never should. You judge a game based on its own merits, not for what could come later. If it deserves a 10 which most places will tell you doesn't mean perfect, then award it so. Not giving it the score the reviewer think it deserves in fear of a future title out doing it is just dumb

THC CELL3301d ago (Edited 3301d ago )

im skipping this one

at the dis we got the game at work this week
it looks rushed
some good action but gets boring within a hour or so

sikbeta3301d ago

I'm skipping this one, Thanks to Ubisoft...

ELite_Ghost3301d ago

whats wrong with ubi?

i agree its more action based than stealthy, so not splinter cell-y

THC CELL3301d ago

dont feel like a stealth game if u cant hide bodys

Wrathman3301d ago

true..but i reckon the reiews should hit 93 on metacritic.maybe not game of the year but definately a very good buy.

Vincent VII3301d ago

Splinter Cell Conviction IS 2010 FOTY(FLOP OF THE YEAR)


sonic speed3301d ago

CORRECTION:Tom Clancy title 'in reach of flopness' says multiformat mag.

Michael-Jackson3301d ago (Edited 3301d ago )

They probably couldn't fit it on the disc...

kissmeimgreek3301d ago

you guys do realize they also gave your jesus game, GOW3, an 8 as well?

Obama3301d ago

EXCEPT Edge almost always rate ps3 lower than avg and 360 higher than avg. Check the gamerzone for evidence.

Lou-Cipher3300d ago

Just got my Game Informer in the mail, and it had SC: Conviction at 9/10

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chak_3301d ago

score without DRM = 8

with DRM = 2

no purchase, kthxbay ubi

sikbeta3301d ago

Don't know Why the Disagrees, Because DRM IS A PAIN!

chak_3301d ago

blind fanboys I guess

PS360_373301d ago (Edited 3301d ago )

I'm pretty sure you get disagrees when some disagrees with you ( I know its hard to understand ). Disagrees aren't always biased. I'm sure someone buying this game despite having to deal with DRM will disagree with the fact that you aren't buying the game because of DRM.