EDGE 214 review scores

Review scores from the 214 issue of EDGE. Notable titles include Super Street Fighter IV, Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction, Monster Hunter Tri and more.

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Omega44676d ago

8 for SC is pretty good considering its coming from Edge.

Although I think it will likely average out at around 90-92 when all the reviews are in.

Cold 20004676d ago (Edited 4676d ago )

From what I've played in the demo Conviction is more a 8/10 game.

Better graphics would probably have pushed it into the 9+ zone IMO.

Venatus-Deus4676d ago (Edited 4676d ago )

Aren’t Edge usually very actuate when comparing their scores of 360 exclusives to Metacritic?

I don’t buy the whole conspiracy argument against the PS3, however the evidence for Edge reviewing exclusive games differently probably justifies peoples suspicion.

SC:C will probably actually get a meta of 80-85.

@ Cold
Maybe that or if they had included their Spy v Merc’s multiplayer. That’s still one of my best experiences in gaming.

Digitaldude4676d ago

I don't get it, they give a crappy ASSSSSSS game DOA paradise 6 yet FF13 got 5?

peeps4676d ago

yeh, i mean i can't review it myself because i haven't played it yet but from video's and playing the demo it seems a solid 8. imo it doesn't do anything outstanding to push it into the 9's. of course my opinion may obviously change when i get to play the game

IrishAssa4676d ago

FFXIII is particularly bad IMO, Graphics 9, sound 7(compared to other FF's) gameplay 4(good but disgracefully repetitive) story 4(overdrammatic and sh*t characters, nothing memorable)

callahan094676d ago (Edited 4676d ago )

Dead or Alive Paradise (PSP) - 6 strikes me as WAY too generous. Better than Final Fantasy XIII? Really? But I see I'm not the first to make this comment... So, how about this: Same score as Mega Man 10? REALLY!?

bjornbear4676d ago

and 8 isn't that good....not compared to what they usually give =/

thats why i'm not trusting edge on this one and waiting, i'm sure it'll get better than 8

Christopher4676d ago

Thank Heaven whomever reviewed Metro 2033 didn't do what a lot of others did and rank it just based on the PC graphics. The game isn't very good, IMHO, and I hate seeing scores of 9/10 or higher for the game. It's just not at all deserved to get that type of score from anyone.

HolyOrangeCows4676d ago

They gave DOA an entire 6? Seriously?
They seriously think it's on par with Mega Man 10 and Metro 2033?
Someone over at Edge must have been fapping to it and got generous.

But this is the sort of crap I expect from EDGE.

topdawg1224676d ago

Wow, even I'm surprised SSF4 got the highest score lol
But theres not that much stuff out this month anyway

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Masta_fro4676d ago

this game must suck!!

getting an 8 from edge on an xbox exclusive is like getting a 5 on ign, 1up, gamespot watever...

beardpapa4675d ago

The SCC demo was pretty fun. Seems an 8 is well deserved.

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N4PS3G4676d ago

Splinter Cell and God of War 3 got the same score. Edge being Edge.

Good Scores.

ArcFatalix4676d ago

That dead or alive paradise got a 6. what a joke. By edge standards it should have gotten 1.

Cold 20004676d ago

Bah they're the kind of guys that give a game like Mass Effect 7/10 and FF13 a 6/10

Funky Town_TX4676d ago

Now we cross scores from different genres? When did gamers start doing this?

callahan094676d ago

"Splinter Cell and God of War 3 got the same score. Edge being Edge."

I'm not sure what you're implying with that statement?

bjornbear4676d ago

you are trolling

and knowing trolling

you are failing.

Christopher4676d ago

They also gave ME2 a 9/10... seems about spot on if you ask me. I believe only the true fans of RPGs would have given ME a 9/10 or higher, myself included. While the story, setting, and some gameplay elements were made for RPG fans in ME, I can definitely see taking points off for the action gameplay, loading elevators, graphics, and glitches.

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theEnemy4675d ago

Where we give low scores on most games to generate traffic and get away with it.

emmerin4676d ago

this means that SCC got a 9, and super street fighter 4 got a 10, i hated the original SF4, i beat it on hard mode on my first try and it was my first time playing any street fighter ever...then i played on easy mode after i beat hard mode and easy was impossibly hard for me, i couldnt beat it, lol

matey4676d ago

Edge are full of it they must review a game and if they dont like the series they bad mouth it there not professional there muppets out to brake developers hard work MONSTER HUNTER 3 7/10 u must be kidding thats a game u have to play for at least 10 hours plus to form a proper opinion for a review total unprofessional if u ask me the game got 5 10/10 in japan now we have an improved version with 70 monsters not including all the eco system that allows these extra monsters to go about there buisness in there own way as well as a 200 hour single player and endless online with wii speak and dlc/side quests im pumped for this game it got 91% on ONM and they dont favouritise wii games they have let me down loads of times but they have been right all the time so unlike playstation magazine that just gives 100/100 to any game thats as big as MH3 on there consoles ONM are realistic so i say that its a 9/10-9.5/10 on average but EDGE are the worst reviewers this gen FULL STOP WHO AGREES

DaTruth4676d ago (Edited 4676d ago )

So Dead or Alive is actually a 7 everywhere else! Funny it racked up a lot of 2's! Street Fighter 10 everywhere else. SF hasn't been a 10 since SF2 original!

Your logic is flawed! That rule only applies with PS3 exclusives, they mark up 360 exclusives and multiplats that the media compares to PS3 exclusives(Bayonetta, DI)! MGS4 is an 11 based on Edge review!

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