Pokemon Black and White Teaser Site Translated

Original-Gamer: "A new teaser site has popped up showing a new batch of Pokemon games: Pokemon Black and White. We've translated what the Japanese site says and when the game will come out."

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GamingBuddha094560d ago

new pokemon already? and why black and white? where they listening to Micheal Jackson at during a brain storming session?

K-Gamer4560d ago

I love pokemon games, but man they needed to make this for Nintendo's 3DS and release it as a launch title.

I also find that they need to step up their battle system. It's too simple. It was genious back in the '90s but it's still the same.

And finaly make the pokemon 3D models! I don't care if the buildings are 3D, this game is about pokemon, so they should've got a 3D overhaul in the first place. Get rid of the low-res sprites with stupid animations! But I guess this is unfortunatly too hard for a system like the DS.

incogneato4560d ago

gay ass friend codes will ruin the game, as usual

fatstarr4559d ago

i think they should release it in 2011 with the 3ds if they want a 1 week million seller. think nintendo plz -_-.

Ugly Bob4560d ago

Cant wait. Thanks for translating.

R_A_LEE204560d ago

Its an interesting choice of colour, shows that its going back to basics with the colour pallet.

It maybe an indication that one game may be focused on Dark types (Black) and one on Good types (White, even though there is no Light type).

harlem_v14560d ago


j/k and this is coming from a black guy.

Blacktric4560d ago

Ahahah "HARD NINTENDO". An obvious Google translation.

n4f4560d ago

i have to go with black, once you go black you cant go back j/k

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The story is too old to be commented.