Modern Warfare 2 Stimulus Package DLC Hits Steam May 4

Activision has announced that the Stimulus Package DLC for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 will be arrive worldwdie for PC on Tuesday, May 4 on Steam.

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xXRight3yeXx3141d ago

I thought that it was a 360 exclusive. But, it isn't. It's a timed exclusive. Tis tis tat tat.

DarkTower8053141d ago

Late to the party are we? It was announced a "timed" exclusive at last year's E3.

evrfighter3141d ago

OP just showed why M$ has gotten into the habit of doing timed DLC's.

If an n4g poster didn't even know. Just think about the misinformed that went out and bought a 360 thinking it was going to be the better platform for MW2.

you've shamed the already disgraced name of N4G. :D

3141d ago
lefty burns3141d ago (Edited 3141d ago )

patiently waiting for the maps to hit the psn...

ENVi33141d ago

anyone know if this DLC will be $15 for all systems?