Nintendo Encodes Wii Launch Date?

A mysterious press release from Nintendo today teases that a message detailing the Wii launch date may be hidden within its text. Now, as the release says, it may all be a rouse to get us to read about Nintendo's other games, but we just can't help ourselves.

The release reads: "Perhaps the secret to the launch information for Wii is somehow encoded in the text of this news item. You might want to pore over it for a few hours before staying up all night to debate phraseology and comma placement with your friends online."

Take a look for yourself and see if you can decode anything from it. What we can tell after a good thirty seconds or so of scrutiny is that a game is releasing every Monday except October 2, November 20, and November 27. Nintendo has hinted that the Wii would launch sooner than later, so that points to... October 2nd?

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Marriot VP5406d ago

LAME, quit pressing your luck Nintendo and just release the specs, price, and date.

OOOOO....a secret encoded!!! (sarcasm)

wakkiwakko5406d ago

Everything will be revealed in September. God damn it. Here are a few ‘rumours’ Hahahahaah!

October 18 is the release date. Around that. A day or two off. Some might be able to buy the console a day or two in advance since it will ship in the beginning of that week. :D

Specs… There’s much to discuss. You’ll find out everything you need to find out in a handy, stylish users manual. It’ll look too. :D Just like the Wii. Well, it’ll be glossier though and will have everything explained. Even the extra features Miyamoto hadn’t said a thing about. Yop. The Wii is capable of a lot of things.

Price will be under 250. 249 maybe? Heh. The system comes with a set of demos, a free game. A wiimote and a wiired controller. A receiver (make sure you read the manual for that… god!) And free batteries. A 30 day warranty. An easy to set up manual. (yop setting up wi-fi won’t just be plug and play haha) I think you might pick up an extra controller for less than 39.99. Not sure about that. But with the free game, you might want to buy a secondary controller for multiplayer purposes. :D

ScorpioKyle5405d ago

nintendo products have a 1 year warrenty

wakkiwakko5405d ago

I haven't bought a Nintendo product for my self since SNES. I bought N64s for bday presents. Then Gameboys. Gamecubes and now DS'sssss hahaha. I never looked at the warranty. So, I don’t know. Alls I know is that people were never disappointed with a Nintendo product. So… that makes it an awesome gift. :D And it makes me an awesome person who buys awesome gifts. :D :D

So, that's cool. 1 year. I guess, I was thinking of the in store policy when I wrote that set of rumours. :D Thanks for correcting me on that. :D I was so sure that some consoles had a month long warranty. Gotta look into that. Dang.

mikeeno75406d ago

This is the dumbest rumor EVER!!
I'll just wait till September for it to be officially announced by Nintendo.

wakkiwakko5406d ago

Hey. It does sound like a rumour, doesn’t it? Wait till September. You'll see. YOU'LL SEE! YOU WILL ALL SEE HOW WRONG I AM!

Just you wait! Then you gonna come back here, well not here, but another topic with the actual release date and I’ll be laughing at you! At all of you! Even though I’ll be dead wrong (or spot on) I’ll be laughing my kidneys off!

Just so you know, Oct 18 is the bday of NES. NES MAN! NES! NES!

It’s rational! Nintendo fans see it! Nintendo fans know it! So why can’t you believe it! It’s like a a a a a a a a a lil’ tinker bell. The more you believe it the more real it becomes! MAKE THIS RUMOUR A REALITY AND WELCOME THE WII IN YOU LIVING ROOM ON THE WEDNSDAY OF 18 OF OCTOBER!