60GB PS3 Sales Spike 700% on Amazon.com, #3 Top Seller

In some promising news for PS3 owners, it seems the $100 price cut of Sony's PS3 has caused a spike in sales on Amazon.com. Take the jump for the top seller list.

Odion6190d ago (Edited 6190d ago )

i call first comment on this news post

Well lets see how long this steam last for, the Elite was in fourth till this then dropped to 25th, of course it could have been because it sold out but w/e. Amazon is usually the first to see the effects of these kinds of things

jromao6190d ago

Isn't steam but pure PS3 power, console history shows PS2 as the great winner ever and PS3 is being "builded" over that PS2 owners, you should worry about calling MS and ask them to fix the 360 problems because only gamers can win if there is two options in shops, and at this moment we can see PS3.

Maddens Raiders6190d ago

for SNE. Seems like you guys might have caught the tail of a real gale here. Now introduce the new touchsense at E3 and deliver a hit with KZ, and the HS demo and you're really on your way to finishing off the year with a gigantic bang.


TriggerHappy6190d ago

and the announcement was yesterday night was it not? Am curious to see where it ends at the end of the week.

Blackmoses6190d ago

didn't see that comming

techie6190d ago

Who wouldn't for £250??? (Bought it for £390)

deepio6190d ago (Edited 6190d ago )

So you're trying to say that Sony is going to drop the price of the PS3 to £250 here in the UK? That's a drop of £140 judging by what you bought the PS3 for, in dollars that's $280! I don't think so. More than likely it'll be drop of around £50-70 bringing the PS3 down to around £325 (if there is a drop in the price at all!!).

For me it's still too dam expensive for a games console.

XboxKing6189d ago

I'm with you

but now this means I can buy my 3rd PS3

Monchichi0256190d ago

I guess they've sold 6 units now compared to the 1 per month they were selling before. LMAO

6190d ago
Greysturm6190d ago

Since it also got in the best seller list.

the worst6190d ago

funny this wont burnout youll get your money worth

Azures6190d ago

what a witty individual you are. excuse me, i think i just stepped on a relative of yours.

nobizlikesnowbiz6190d ago

And wow your comment I'd say was lamer.

XxZxX6190d ago

wait if they are #1 in sales and sold 6 of them, so #13 of XBOX 360 sold like 0.35? hhahaa LMAO

MrSwede6189d ago

WOW!!!! I was disagree #40

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SimmoUK6190d ago

It's good that there's been a cut because it's what people wanted, now the system is affordable to more people which can only be a good thing...