Just Cause 2 Is Blatantly Better Than Heavy Rain

Heavy Rain is, without a doubt, one of the most important games of 2010. It was critically praised for its involvement and emotional entanglement, but put down for its dumb story and other glaring issues. Just Cause 2 is, without a doubt, one of the most energetic titles of the last decade, surpassing San Andreas. It has been critically praised for its visual standards and encouragement of blowing stuff up, but put down for the lack of multiplayer and other issues.

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Joule3987d ago

im guessing its a slow day for actual news on n4g.

AEtherbane3987d ago

Because the games are both soooo similar anyways...

deadreckoning6663987d ago (Edited 3987d ago )

Yeah sure, I can see that if the only genre your into is action games. But the grounds for comparison are suspect. Just Cause 2 and Heavy Rain are 2 COMPLETELY different genres. There incomparable. I would have had more respect for the author if he compared JC2 and GOW3. At least there in the same genre.

@Disagrees- So u guys are saying that Heavy Rain and JC2 ARE in the same genre??

Biggest3987d ago

They both feature a word with the letters 'e' and 'a' which is more than grounds for a comparison if you ask me.

van-essa3987d ago (Edited 3987d ago )

This is right up Hiphopgamer's alley, you know... flamebaiting and BS.
Someone seems to be taking notes.

3987d ago
hamoor3987d ago

lady gaga is better than uncharted 2

Space_cancer3987d ago (Edited 3987d ago )

Do people have to approve this kind of crapnews? This site got enough turd already.

(waiting for Forza/Heavy rain comparison next)

Sevir043987d ago

.... Make that a VEEEEEEEERY very slow day for news on N4G.

piroh3987d ago

Just cause 2
xbox version - 81% metascore
PC version - 83% metascore
PS3 version - 84% metascore
Heavy rain
87% metascore

Darkstorn3987d ago

These games are polar opposites.
Don't even think about comparing them - Just Cause 2 is a game for action junkies and Heavy Rain is meant to involve the player through a powerful narrative.

Anorexorcist3987d ago (Edited 3987d ago )

What is this? A point-by-point battle between Just Cause 2 and Heavy Rain? A direct competitive comparison between a sandbox title and a interactive adventure/drama game? Just Cause 2 isn't even platform exclusive, so why the oh-so intricate PS3 Multiplatform title against PS3 exclusive title rant?

" of the most energetic titles of the last decade, surpassing San Andreas."

Better than GTA San Andreas? Yeah I'll make that decision for myself.

rambi803987d ago (Edited 3987d ago )

How do you ensure hits for your article?

Compare it(game) to any console exclusive, claiming the latter is inferior

Trolls happy
Fans pissed off
Hits guaranteed

sikbeta3987d ago

And That's an OPINION...

Seriously, you need to make an "article" to [share] your OPINION?

ColdFire3987d ago

I think tetris is better than Halo 3!!!

cool cole3987d ago

Though I disagree with his article, it's not the fact that they're both different games, it's just his opinion on what game he likes better. Sure they're not in the same genre, but there is one genre they do share, and that is the fact that they're both video games. I mean you wouldn't say comparing Rogue Warrior and Heavy Rain is dumb, because the obvious better choice is Heavy Rain. All I'm trying to say is that it's his opinion, that's all.

Anon19743987d ago (Edited 3987d ago )

I've heard nothing about this game. Is it new?

And, I'm guessing by the picture it has about as much in common with Heavy Rain as Halo does to Rock Band.

I can't be bothered to read this crap.

...but I can be bothered to complain about it. :)

silvacrest3987d ago

of all the games to compare...

i admit i was about to click the link and read the article just to see the justification alone, glad i didnt

i dont even think HHG would bother doing this

badz1493987d ago

I'm saddened with the fact that coming out with totally STUPID title granted an article a place in front page of N4G! and this one take the cake of being the most ridiculous! - COME ON!!

evilmonkey5013987d ago

taking a break from this site. Nothing good in Daaaaaays.

Rocket Sauce3987d ago

Just Cause 2 is blatantly better than everything. I was on the interstate the other day and I couldn't get the idea of grappling onto passing cars out of my head.

EVILDEAD3603987d ago

Beat Heavy rain the other day..and it completely excells at what it does..

I'm hearing great things about Just Cause 2 from friends..they absolutely love it..but I just don't have the time right now to play it

The onslaught of games has left me trying to finish the ones I have until Splinter Cell drops next week

But it's on my list..The Heavy Rain experience is worth ot once for all PS3 owners..but as for time spent playing..of couse it's going to pale in comparison to open world games or Online FPS content.

Wow..70 hours on Just cause 2 alone? Talk about value for your money..I'm definately going to purchase it once I finish Splinter..


WildArmed3987d ago

I totally agree.. bcoz heavy rain fails at being a sandbox game..

oh whats that you say? Heavy Rain was never meant to be a shooter sandbox game?

I smell fail.

rexus123453987d ago

the two games are pretty much polar opposite of each other
Just Cause - all action almost no story
Heavy Rain - all story

ikral3986d ago

I hate those fanboy-teasing sites. Do not click on them, you only make them stronger!!!

BYE3986d ago (Edited 3986d ago )

I deleted the Just Cause 2 demo after playing it for 5 minutes. No thanks. Been there, done that. Even comparing it to the revolutionary Heavy Rain is a joke.

There's no need for another half assed sandbox game aimed at an under 14 audience, especially when the real deal (Red Dead Redemption) is just around the corner.

rockleex3986d ago

Just Cause 2 is RIGHT UP YOUR ALLEY!

Why? Because Heavy Rain fails at executing sandbox gameplay.


JonnyBadfinger3986d ago (Edited 3986d ago )

Just Cause 2 is awesome without a doubt but, ive played it for about 30hrs now and only completed 18% of the game... there is far too much to do. And the sandbox is so huge its almost a chore getting from location to location.

I havent played it in about 3 days now simply because ive put so much time in and gotten no where in the game. Though the game is a visual achievement, the world is so large yet so detailed... its probably the 1 of the greatest technical feats since Crysis.

To compare Heavy Rain and Just Cause2 together doesnt really make sense but i guess if your comparing them in enjoy value... Just Cause 2 wins hands down.

Though when playing Just Cause 2 your brain will completely switch off... the game is mind numbingly ridiculously awesome... think thats the best way to put it.

WildArmed3986d ago


Just for the record, Just Cause 2 is a very good game too. It's really fun.. if you loved mercs 2, u'll love this. (i loved mercs 2 lol)

But, JC2 and HR are not comparable games.
It's like comparing a FPS to a racing game.

Both games are great.. picking up JC2 in the near future..
and same goes for HR.. i just want the prices to drop around 30$ b4 getting them.

zeeshan3986d ago

The author is smoking some real good sh*t!

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tunaks13987d ago

this is the worst comparison

sikbeta3987d ago


"God of War 3 Is Blatantly Better Than Critter Crunch"

Now, that's the Worst Comparison...Ever...


WhatARump3987d ago (Edited 3987d ago )

I looked at the title in confusion

I read the first paragraph and was no longer confused-

Summary: The writer is a dumbass.

WildArmed3986d ago

THat is a hard choice.

Critter Crunch was a VERY good game too.

dgroundwater3986d ago

While this comparison is bad, Destructiod's Deadly Premonition is Blatantly Better than Heavy Rain article was not. I actually picked up DP based on that article and enjoyed the plot more than HR!

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bboss3987d ago (Edited 3987d ago )

Years from now after having played these two games, look back and ask yourself... which one do I still remember? Heavy Rain is just the more memorable experience and leaves a more powerful impression.

deadreckoning6663987d ago (Edited 3987d ago )

bboss- I don't think you can speak for everyone on that one buddy. Either way, try not to read too much into it. The author is obviously trying to get a strong reaction out of people for hits. I'm surprised the mods even allowed this garbage.

zenosaga04- This article already failed EPICLY by comparing two games of different genres, please don't lower yourself to the same level of failiure by implying that average review scores are grounds to prove that one game is or isn't blatantly "better"(subjective) than another. If the author believes JC2 is blatantly better than Heavy Rain..let him be, but the comparison is just idiotic.

EDIT: Wow, more people copying and pasting meta scores

Aphe3987d ago

Yeah it's not even worth arguing about, they are completely different games, you can't even compare them.

Lykon3987d ago

i'll remember heavy rain as the worst gaming experience i've ever had, where as just cause 2 has given me hope that there are still great games being developed other than the usual mundane MW clones and short linear eye candy experiences

Rocket Sauce3987d ago

Yeah, if I remember Heavy Rain in 10 years, it won't be fondly.

I probably wouldn't remember either game.

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Silly gameAr3987d ago (Edited 3987d ago )


Ahhh. OK. Not bad.

Chris3993987d ago

His troll-fu is weak though, compared to the master's. Back to suckle at Jim's hairy teat of trollish wisdom.

Better luck next time.

And ffs don't get curious and click on the link, I guarantee nothing intelligent is inside.