Rumor: Portable Xbox to be shown at E3

The New Zealand Herald is running a story on the changing nature of E3, and part of their article returns to some age old console rumors including Microsoft is to show off a portable Xbox and the Wii will receive an Official hard drive solution.


- A handheld xBox will be displayed, along the lines of Microsoft's iPod rival, the Zune.

- PS3 debuts its Second Life-type online gaming platform called Home and announces a public beta is being launched

- PSP gets a redesign

- The Wii gets a proper hard drive storage solution

PS3 and Xbox Live will let gamers see what they've announced by posting stuff including game trailers to their online networks for console fans to peruse.

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gods army4488d ago

ms better have some good title if they are to do this, because it will end up like the PSP, which equals SHiIIYYYYYY

Salvadore4488d ago

If MS releases a portable, they have just shoot themselves in the foot. Their can be more profitable if they work as a software company in the market.

coolmatrix4488d ago

This is pure genius.

I guess this makes the "RED RING OF DEATH PORTABLE."

Dont worry Xbox360 fans, you will pay full price and get a refurbished HAND-HELD soon. You guys love crap!!

Hey dont worry, maybe you will get ALL Xbox 1 games portable.

But hey its just me.

How much is this rumour gonna cost?

More CRAP from MS. MORE HAPPY MS customers

VirusE4488d ago

Cool something else for the DS to piss all over. MS would be brain dead to try this. The hand held market is OWNED by nintendo and has been since its dawn.

QuackPot4488d ago

Especially when the sales in Ps3 start to increase over the next year or two.

Tying the PsP with the Ps3 would be a brilliant move to increase sales. It would be a must have add on when buy a Ps3.

kspraydad4488d ago

...hardly a failure. Sony, luckily for them, is drawing from a HUGE install base of PS1/PS2 fans

The ZuneBoy though will be emulating Xbox One games I'd have only an installed base of 24 million X fans (with ALOT of cross over to X360)'ll be a much tougher draw.

If they can add the gaming functions to a solid music player (Zune is pretty good) as well as Remote Play functions like the PSP,then they may be able to make it work. If it is only and purely a game machine...forget it, the installed base of X fans is too small.

gamerriffic4488d ago

portable xbox?
that just might be the dumbest rumor to get approved.
seeing that microsoft and 3rd party
has completely abandoned the 1st xbox.

Umbrella Corp4488d ago

If Microsoft releases a portAble i doubt it would fail like the psp,think for a second....Xbox live,achievements better graphics and possibly a portable version of halo to play on xbox live sweet!

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The story is too old to be commented.