Urban Chaos: Riot Response Review

Right, the original Xbox then. A big black beast packing a relative amount of heat, put to the test via the Halo's and other such games. It's a shame the console died out as Microsoft lost all interest in their launcher and left it for dust. Urban Chaos is one of the few games to be released for the original Xbox, and surprisingly isn't backwards compatible with the 360, so the only way to play this is on the original until a backwards compatibility or to emulate it, which would be no fun at all (as well as illegal you miscreants of society).

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Urban Chaos: Riot Response - Rocksteady Before the Bat

Rocksteady Studios has earned fame through its Batman titles, but before Bruce Wayne was a cult classic FPS - Urban Chaos: Riot Response.

DefenderOfDoom243d ago

I remember having a great time playing Urban Chaos on PS2 .

ModsDoBetter43d ago

One of my fave PS2 games of all time.

MrBaskerville43d ago (Edited 43d ago )

Didn't know Urban Chaos got a sequel, interesting!
After checking, apparently it's not a sequel to the ps1 game, just a game with the same title.

Abnor_Mal42d ago

Were you also thinking of a game where you play as an African American female cop? Because that’s the only game that ever comes to mind when I hear Urban Chaos, but I don’t remember anything much about it except some training driving a car in a parking lot.

DefenderOfDoom242d ago

I did not know there was a Urban Chaos different game on PS1 . I only found out and bought Urban Chaos for PS2 because pictures on box looked good when I was in Gamestop around 2007

Skuletor42d ago

I only played the demo on one of those Official Playstation Magazine discs back in the day but I remember liking it. I only bought the magazines for the demo discs tbh, lol.

isarai42d ago

Loved this game so much, actually my first online gaming experience. Damn I might emulate it actually, I'd love to see this in higher fidelity


23 Best PS2 Hidden Gems

The PlayStation 2 is the bastion of several classics and genres, but there are a few hidden gem that slipped under your eyesight.

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Retro Review - Urban Chaos: Riot Response - BagoGames

Jerry from BagoGames says, "There once was a time when Batman and all licensed games were pretty much trash. Little did we know the PlayStation 2 and Xbox era would see Urban Chaos: Riot Response, the first game from Rocksteady Studios and it is fun to play this blast from the past and see where they came from before they went to Arkham."

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