Christmas Stocking

Depending on who you choose to believe, the production process for PlayStation 3 is either running smoothly with plenty of redundancy built into the plan to ensure that sufficient units are ready for the market in November - or is the greatest nightmare in Sony's history as an electronics manufacturer, with low yields threatening to make the company's expensive albatross about as rare as rocking horse faeces come Christmas.

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slugg5404d ago

Is very advanced tech. No matter what anyone says to the contrary, getting all of those high-end, expensive parts asembled and working together properly will be a headache, and Sony is cutting things close (although not as close as Microsoft did). Remember all the uproar about not enough systems for the 360? It will be the same thing all over again-- only probably worse. I worked at Gamestop when the PS2 came out, and Sony absolutely shafted us and consumers by cutting allocations in half the week before the system hit retail. Hopefully they will learn from that mistake, and Microsoft's last year, or PS3's will be hard to come by for a long time, at any price. Also, asking for a $150.00 deposit for a PS3 won't scare ebay speculators away, far from it. They are the type of people who are far more likely to part with that kind of money for a few months to rake in a hefty profit when the system releases than little Johnny who doesn't make that much all summer. I expect it to be worse this time around, the huge inflated prices people paid for the 360 only drew attention to this as a money-making scheme.