Spider Man Friend Or Foe

Gamepro gets all the info on this new game for the 360.

"The game plays like your X-Men Legends, Marvel: Ultimate Alliances, and Justice League Heroes, where the camera sits isometric to the action onscreen. Beat up opponents with standard punches and kicks to inflict massive combo damage, or use one of many special abilities unique to each character such as Spidey's web blast or Sandman's sand mallet.

On top of standard punches, kicks, and special moves, there are also team moves that Spider-Man and his ally can perform together. One example is Venom grabs and holds an enemy while Spidey unleashes a flurry of fisticuffs. The Hero Strike is a particularly special move that involves both Spidey and sidekick atomically clearing the room of all enemies.

You'll receive points for each enemy you defeat, receiving more points for sustained combos. Points can then be spent to upgrade character stats after each mission."

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InMyOpinion4301d ago

Definately foe after the last iteration...I mean abomination.

LeShin4301d ago

Man, not ANOTHER comic inspired dungeon crawler!!!! They should have left it at X-Men Legends 2, that was very good. Everything after that....crap.