Rumored E3 Demos List

Despite the early success of Fight Night Round 3 with Live Marketplace, developers still hadn't been fully sold on the whole downloadable demo idea last E3. Not the case this year, the Hedgehog's got ears on a massive list of demos that'll be landing on Live next week. Fore sure are Ace Combat 6, Blue Dragon, and Mercenaries 2, quite possible are Devil May Cry 4, Tom Clancy's Endwar, and Halo 3 single player demo!!!

Also expect a massive bevy of new games for the Wii to appear at the show; including new ones from Sega, Capcom, and Konami. I guess having no obvious competition in Japan has those developers hifting priorities. Oh dear oh dear, poor Sony! They need big franchises like MGS and FF to hit the PS3 so people will buy them.

Problem is a new rumor states that Square-Enix is actually holding back FFXII until the PS3's install base reaches a more profitable level, classic Catch 22! Finally Ubisoft will be showing off a new Prince of Persia title in limited form next week. Expect to be mesmerized all over again!

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TriggerHappy5188d ago

man that would be sick...

NTSC-J5188d ago

Also very interested in seeing Tom Clancy's Endwar. Hard to say if a demo will do an ambitious game like this justice.

i Shank u5188d ago

prepare for LIVE slowing to a crawl; if halo 3 demo is on there, look out. demos on LIVE is sic, keep em coming! why does my 360 have to be broke?

ericbs5188d ago

Yeah i would like to see and try out a much better version of the game. The last demo didn't do the game justice.

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Syko5188d ago (Edited 5188d ago )

If that list is true, I am with the Sony fanboys...20 gigs is not enough LOL.

They need to get the 65nm chips here already so I can upgrade to an elite..

@The Worst...
You can upgrade the HDD in the 360 yourself but you essentially have to hack it, And with MS having the banhammer in full effect I will wait for the 65nm Elite...And yes the PS3 is much better in that regard.

NewScratch5188d ago

you're getting some demos, no games and no demos gets a bit old even if i'm confident in the system as a whole.

ericbs5188d ago

Yeah, the sooner the 65 nm chips are implemented, the better for Microsoft and gamers.

Umbrella Corp5188d ago

it pays off to be a wii60 fanboy(ps360wii when mgs4 comes)

the worst5188d ago

wii has a fan boy i will alert my soy

Xeoset5188d ago


I'll be doing nothing tomorrow then.

Devil May Cry 4?
Blue Dragon?
Halo 3?


EDIT: I agree with #3, it's amazing being a Wii60er!!!

Blankman5188d ago (Edited 5188d ago )

dmc4 started development on the ps3 long before 360 so i don't see why sony shouldnt get dmc as well. I wasnt aware mercenaries 2 was alredy confirmed. is it?

I know mercenaries was confirmed for 360 the question is has 360 demo been confirmed.

Xeoset5188d ago

Mercenaries 2 was confirmed as a PS3 Exclusive but then went to the 360 around Dec 2006.

DMC4 was originally built around the PS3, but they would have a 360 version by now as it's quickly creeping up to the holidays.

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