5 Hottest Cosplayers From Anime Boston

Original-Gamer: "At Anime Boston we saw some hot cosplayers, and some that were not so hot. We thought it over and here's the 5 Hottest Cosplayers from Anime Boston."

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Ugly Bob4556d ago

is very average looking.

themyk4556d ago

1 is nice. 2 is hot. 3 NOT SO MUCH. and i like the nip slip on last one.

Bubbly4556d ago

Should be renamed "Top 2", lol.

JsonHenry4555d ago

Slim pickings it would seem. But whatever, it COULD have been worse.

Tapewurm4555d ago (Edited 4555d ago )

compared to the others she should be on the top of the list and then the first Tomb Raider Chick and then followed by the fake Sailor Moon chick.......why am I typing about this again???.....hmmmm gonna go make a quick life assessment LOL :)

Reibooi4555d ago

Wow those were all crap...

I was there the whole weekend and there were MUCH better cosplay(both in terms of the girls and the effort in their costumes).

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shinbreaker4556d ago

They can always keep your attention distracted at an event like this :)

armycore4556d ago

Not the hottest bunch but I cant complain.

-Mezzo-4556d ago

lol, remove the star from the last Pic & see the Temp of this story rise like crazy. :P

ReconHope4556d ago

chick looks like a fake sailor moon. But i'd still ask her out. =)

BYE4556d ago

Nah you wouldn't ... there are 2 types of men:

- The first would ask her out.
- The second clicks on very link with "cosplay" in the title.

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The story is too old to be commented.