Interview: Insomniac's Price On Resistance, PS3, And More

The latest issue of Jason Kraft and Chris Kwak's 'Video Game Journal' for the Susquehanna Financial Group introduces a series of upcoming interviews with industry figures in an effort to better understand the video game industry by looking at it through the eyes of those helping to shape it. As the first in the new feature, titled 'Studio VG: The Foundation Series', the analysts spoke with Ted Price, CEO of Insomniac Games (Ratchet & Clank, Resistance: Fall of Man) regarding a variety of topics, including the PS3, in-game advertising, video game legislation, and the relationship between publishers and developers.

The interview starts as follows:

"VGJ: Ted, Insomniac Games is most famous for the Ratchet & Clank series. That franchise got bigger and better, domestically, and even in Japan. What was it about Ratchet & Clank that made the series appeal to so many gamers? And how have you been able to take these successful elements and apply them to new projects?

TP: I think that it was the right game at the right time. We were trying to do something very different with the platform genre in a market that had turned away from it. We hoped to provide an opportunity for players who liked that type of game to get back into the genre.

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zypher5404d ago

i like Insomniac. they are reserved, have a sense of both humility and pride, and they make great games. what more can a gamer ask from a developer? if Sony were smart they'd make Insomniac first-party: then maybe Ted can teach Phil, Kaz and Ken a little lesson in the etiquettes of public relations and attitude.

btw, Resistance is looking better by the minute. definately a getter come launch, right along with Heavenly Sword.


"For better or for worse, when you work with PS3, if you want to get the most out of it, you have to code for PS3 and not create a more generic engine designed to work on multiple platforms."

Cyclonus5404d ago

And THAT is what's going to hurt Sony big time this gen.

Siesser5404d ago

Why is that a bad thing?

THELANDSOFSAND5403d ago (Edited 5403d ago )

it means that PS3 titles will struggle to go multi-platform, yet they have to go multi-platform to cover the huge PS3 costs!


its a catch 22 that will kill sony.

EA and that WWF game are already discovering this problem...

Seafort5404d ago (Edited 5404d ago )

U mean developers actaully have to put some effort into multiplatform games now??? OMG!

This isnt going to hurt sony if the developers are passionate about the games they create.

I wish publishers and developers would get out of this "get rich quick" mindset and actually care about what they publish and take some pride in their work.

BIadestarX5404d ago

It is so hard to make a first party developer speak freely and honestly:

"TP: Xbox 360 – the fact that it got a jump on the other two platforms is a very good thing for Microsoft. For PS3, I’d say…"

And so easy for them to hype their bread and butter:

"A big line-up of original IP at launch is something we haven’t seen before with previous platforms. The other thing is Blu-ray. The fact that we’ll eventually be able to unlock more layers for up to 100GBs of storage is pretty impressive."

What else can they do? Honesty will get them fired.

Siesser5404d ago

They're technically second party. They're not owned by Sony, but prefer to make games for them. They could just as easily jump over to Xbox or Nintendo if they felt like it; there's no contractual obligation or anything.

BIadestarX5403d ago

I guarantee you that there is an exclusive contract between Sony and them. But aside from that it has the same effect on these developers; they become bias.

keeshee5404d ago

coding a game just for the ps3, will this mean better looking and playing of games for the system versus the 360? because im too belive that the ps3 is more powerful than the 360 or was that just bullsh#t? Im so confused on which system holds more power cuz i dont understand the specs.

zypher5404d ago

i'm not too keen on system specs either. but take it from me, don't go trusting just anyone. if you want the truth about which system is most powerful get it from the 3rd party developers themselves. from what i've been hearing the 360 is easier/cheaper to develop for, but the PS3 is more powerful. how much more powerful depends on what developer you're talking to. you'll have someone from Epic say that PS3 is only marginally more powerful, but then turn around and you'll have someone from Sega say that they prefer PS3 due to its far greater power. i'm leaning more towards PS3 beings slightly superior technically than the 360, but that its power won't truly be realized until its 2nd-gen games. i don't think we'll see as big a difference between PS3 and 360 as we did between Splinter Cell on PS2 and XBox for some time to come (if ever), or even as big a difference as between Resident Evil 4 for PS2 adn Gamecube unless a game is specifically optimized for the PS3.

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