Kung Fu Rider, A New Name For PlayStation Move's Slider?

Sony Computer Entertainment America, preparing for the launch of PlayStation Move, trademarked The Shoot and Kung Fu Rider.

We at Siliconera saw and played The Shoot before. Kung Fu Rider appears to be a new name for Slider, the PlayStation Move game where you escape from the Yakuza while riding on an office chair. The name Slider was tossed around as a temporary title during the PlayStation Move media briefing.

In addition to those trademarks, SCEA also registered Until Dawn. No clue what this is for, but it sounds more like a subtitle. SingStar: Until Dawn? Demon's Souls: Until Dawn? Uncharted 3: Until Dawn?

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sinncross4212d ago

How does Until Dawn sound more lie a subtitle... could easily just be the title of the game itself, and an interesting one at that.

Heres hoping for survival horror!!

mac4u104211d ago

Yep Until dawn is a horror game where you can use the Move as a torch for example, a 3 second clip is included in one of the Move trailers, look closely.

arakouftaian4211d ago (Edited 4211d ago )

Let hope its inspires on the Tarantinos movie and the game is fun to play.
The answer to L4D but with Vampires and maybe up to 4 or 8
people online? And MOVE enable a big plus for the fun factor.

But i will accept a single player Survival Horror game
maybe that the trailer of the guy with the flash light
on the MOVE demos .

Cajun Chicken4212d ago

Uncharted 3: Until, really works.

NateNater4212d ago

Sounds like a pretty badass title. But what would it mean? Hmmmmm...