Interview with the Ultimate Xbox 360 Gamer

You think your 10,000 Gamerpoints is good? You ain't seen nothin' yet! Check out RANCE6, hardcore gamer extraordinaire, with a gamerscore of over 50k, and take a quick look into his peculiar life, as part of's Summer of XBL Arcade Series!

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xXbebofisherXx5410d ago

if i had 10-15 hours a day to play games i would have 50k achievment points too. plus every game including japanese. i only have so much money and so much time. my 10k is good for someone who only gets to play may 5 hours a day if that on some days. i give it up to him though hes gaming like a champ but any one can do it with time and the resources like owning your own game store. but still ill give him the "holy crap 50k points" thing. but its really not that amazing to me. keep it going there rance6.

Liverpool4ever5410d ago

I wonder what he does when he is not playing games..? But anyway, great score. And it's good to see that you dont cheat... espicially your DOA score, I have more than you! :D
Lol, but keep up the good work, i guess

bloop5410d ago

Jeez, I love gaming as much as anyone, but, 10-15 hours a day?!?!?! I think theres a certain point where you have to draw the line. Thats just wrong. Have to hand it to him for his commitment though, he wanted to be the best in the world and he achieved that, but still, no, its just wrong.

Caxtus7505410d ago that really is the definition of too much spare time.

Good job i guess. Love the pics of all his games. Especially of all the consoles. Check out the red PS2 lol and the blue xbox. coool

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The story is too old to be commented.