Mystery Mail Points to New Infinity Ward Game?

A mysterious package sent to several websites leads Explicit Gamer to speculate that a new non-Modern Warfare game by Infinity Ward is about to be announced.

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GUCommander4433d ago

Out of all the theories and speculation out there about these mysterious packages, this one is the most reasonable. Infinity Ward and Activision need to do something to help their currently below-average reputations.

Commander TK4433d ago

Activision releases or sells them

gameseveryday4433d ago

This is one of the better theories i've heard so far. The the past speculation that it was from Bethesda is probably false since they have already stated it wasn't them. I would love to see infinity ward break out of it's COD shell

Ziriux4433d ago

If true this is good news.

4433d ago