Famitsu: Another Century's Episode R revealed for PS3

First scans of Another Century's Episode R.

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Abash4807d ago

Looks really cool, hope it comes to NA

AbyssGravelord4807d ago

Agreed! I really hope it comes overseas, if not I'll import it.

Eromu4807d ago

It won't come to the states, ACE games never do. For the same reason as SRW games, too many series to license.

But hey, PS3 is region free so knock yourself out with an import like I will.

Godmars2904807d ago

Could still hope for subtitles. Even if they're Rnglish.

Godmars2904807d ago

And a clean pair of shorts!

Endless_X4807d ago (Edited 4807d ago )

"Looks really cool, hope it comes to NA"

The franchise has seen three releases on the PS2, all of which have not been released outside of Japan.


Xof4807d ago

I just hope there's no DLC. Gundam Senki cost me a bundle, and the $100 USD import is more than enough.

Totally worth it, though. I see an Arbalest there, and a bleeding Crossbone! Day 1 buy.

I imagine it'll have a much expanded roster of the previous ACE game. God, I want this NOW.

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