No Price Cut For Japan

By now, you've probably heard that Sony Computer Entertainment America is staffed by liars and the PS3 really is getting a price drop in North America. That's right, the 60 Gig PS3 is now $499, and a $599 80 Gig unit is on the way for release in August.

So for those keeping score at home, Japan is no longer your cheapest option for buying a PS3, and it will shortly lose status as the only major market where you can still buy the PS3 in two SKUs.

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gunnerforlife4306d ago

thats cruel i just hope Europe gets a prise cut

Maldread4306d ago (Edited 4306d ago )

Yeah let`s sure hope so, but i think Sony will drop the prices in all regions.

Well, guess we get to know at Thursday if it`s true.

BBsin4306d ago (Edited 4306d ago )

I don't expect this to last long... i believe it will be annoucned at e3 or holidays. The 360 (premium) is like 300 bux over there, i'm sure sony wants to pull out more than 10k a week.

amerz4306d ago

420 US for the 20GB, which is apparently a tard pack even for the Japanese, and 500 for the 60GB. It needs games that appeal to Japanese for sales to kickstart. And probably more cuts to prices.

MK_Red4306d ago

I hope they drop all prices soon so all gamers can get PS3 (Including me).

DrRage774306d ago

my problem with this sony re-introducing two sku's again is that there is absolutely NO justification for the $100 price difference between the two sku's.

althouth they are dropping the price, they are asking poeple to pay $500 for 60gb, or $600 for 20gb more really worth $100 more?? at least microsoft provided an ACTUAL difference in the size of the harddrive when they introduced the elite for $80 more and gave you 100gb more in harddrive space. essentially, the ps3 sku's are identical except for 20gb in harddrive space, and since people can buy their own laptop harddrives and put them into the ps3, why would sony do something as worthless to their fans as "offering" only a 20gb upgrade? i really doubt ANYONE is going to buy the 80gb version of the ps3 when it is introduced here.

any thoughts on this from sony fans? would you actaully buy the 80gb version if you can simply buy the 60gb version and upgrade the harddrive to 120gb for like $80 on your own? this is not anything to flame about, i am simply asking if anyone would consider buying the 80gb version when they can upgrade the harddrive on their own for less.

Watkins4306d ago

There absolutely must be more to it than just 20gb.
I know there is, cause 20 gb harddrive space doesn't cost that much, and Sony isn't stupid

achira4306d ago

who says that the 80gb costs 600$ ? and you are of course right, if it is true, but the solution is simple, buy the 60gb version.

masterg4306d ago

MotorStorm is $60 so the price difference is $40.

Watkins4306d ago (Edited 4306d ago )

Aah, there seem to be a SIXAXIS with rumble included (at least a new version of sixaxis, and if that's not rumble...) and Motorstorm included in the 80gb version.

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