Sony's Bluray Laptop

Sony has produced the World's first Blu-ray notebook with its VAIO VGN-AR11S. Along with a Blu-ray re-writeable drive, it features a 1920x1200 17" screen and a HDCP compliant HDMI port.

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bernie5404d ago

There are two formats bluray & HD DVD, I am very interested in HD DVD for the far better value and currently better quality, so I'll skip it, thanks. :)

omansteveo5404d ago

Yeah i agree from the things ive been hearing about HD-DVD from the outstanding picture quality to the really cool special features they are able to produce with HD-DVD discs is awesome escellially if your a movie buff like me

Endless5404d ago

At least they have an excuse to overprice their laptops now.

jedicurt5404d ago

a re-writable blu-ray drive offers alot more than just the ability to watch movies. to be able to burn a 25 gb disc on a laptop. sounds like something my office could use.

PS3 Owns All5404d ago

This is way better than HDDVD. You got Blu Ray movies and WAAAAAY more capacity than HDDVD.

achira5404d ago

wow, i want this laptop !

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The story is too old to be commented.