Why No Love for the PS3, 2K Games?

2K Games have been known as strong supporters of the PlayStation 3 format in the past. Having brought conversions of two highly successful Xbox 360 titles, The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and BioShock, to the PlayStation 3's belated party, as well as continually supporting the format with every title in recent years having hit both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 simultaneously (aside from the various DLC and retail releases of additional content for Grand Theft Auto IV, of course). However, the latest retail pack appears intended to be offered to Borderlands fans exclusively on Microsoft formats.

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Ninji3822d ago

Especially since he goes on to say

"2K Games have been known as strong supporters of the PlayStation 3 format in the past. Having brought conversions of two highly successful Xbox 360 titles, The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and BioShock..."

They didn't care about bundling Borderlands stuff on PS3 because Borderlands sucked so hardly anyone played it. That game went downhill ever since they decided to use cel-shaded graphics instead of their original vision. It's a gimped game and cuts had to be made so nobody is going to want to buy a bundle of a mediocre games when there are far better games out now.

El_Colombiano3822d ago

Borderlands was a great game.

Games4M - Rob3822d ago

Borderlands was a decent game. There wasnt much of a story but the online co-op was great and the combat was much better than Fallout 3.

Pennywise3822d ago

Borderlands was far from a "Great" game. It was buggy as hell. I agree with the cel shading comments. Its just lazy and half as--- Great concept for a game, poor execution.

Borderlands2 will be way better.

nycredude3822d ago

Wait 2k games didn't bring Oblivion over and those DLC are available download. What is the big deal?

BTW Borderlands did not suck it was a very fun title.

Letros3822d ago

Didn't the game sell like 3-4 million?

BeaArthur3822d ago

The only thing wrong with Borderlands (aside from a total lack of story) was the fact that if you did too many side quests early on you got to a point where all the missions were listed as easy and the game presented no challenge from there on out. Their needs to be better difficulty scaling in the next one.

Blaze9293822d ago (Edited 3822d ago )

they are probably planning a Game of the Year edition with everything on one disc like they did Fallout 3. What sense does it make for them to release a retail package on blu-ray for two downloads totaling up to only 2GB when they can just release a full package later? Even at $19.99, that would cost them more to manufacture on blu-ray than it would for them to profit.

joemayo763822d ago

jus waiting for the inevitable bundled dlc pack on PS store

Demonsdown3822d ago

1: It wasn't cel-shaded they used a different technique in an attempt to make the game look like concept art most people thought it was cool.
2: Selling over 3 million copies doesn't mean "hardly anybody played it".

JackBNimble3822d ago (Edited 3822d ago )

That dlc has been out for months now on the ps3, it may not be bundled together but who cares anyway? That dlc isn't worth the money , I for one was disappointed with this purchase.

There has also been another dlc pack released after that (a month ago I think) so I really don't get what this article is about.

EDIT: I just wanted to make it clear that I really enjoy playing Boarderlands and I thought the graphics suited the game.

animboo3822d ago (Edited 3822d ago )

actually enjoyed borderlands, just a little disappointed with the dlc and the game was very buggy but fun..could've been better.
and story was non existent..

TheTwelve3822d ago

Really? I like Borderlands a lot. Could certainly be better in plenty of ways but it's hard to find a better co-op campaign game in this generation. If you think this game is buggy, try Sacred 2.


FragGen3822d ago

@Blaze929: Right on. It's just business reasons.

It would be retarded to burn Blu-rays for two add-ons for the PS3. 360s don't have wifi built-in and their discs are way cheaper to produce. So they're just trying to get their DLC in front of as many people as they can and still turn a profit.

I'd be p*ssed if they didn't make the the DLC for PS3 but if you want it right now, its available on PSN and you'll be able to buy it as a bundle or on a single Blu-Ray with everything when it's on greatest hits and they're no longer producing new DLC for it.

This was the exact same approach that was taken with fallout. They did X360 discs for DLC and not PS3 but when the GOTY came they supported PS3. They're just trying to turn a profit on their product.

Christopher3822d ago (Edited 3822d ago )

Yeah, take off the fanboy glasses there because it's far from a sucky game. In fact, it's the perfect melding of FPS and Diablo-style adventuring and looting. And, most notably, it performs well on all platforms.

As far as why only on 360, it's likely a combination of a) More FPS fans on 360 b) Less chance that people on 360 download multi-gig DLC since they have limited HDD space c) They couldn't afford to put it out across the board at a specific price point on both platforms.

It's a sound business decision to go with the platform that will result in the best sales results when you don't have the money to put it out across both platforms.

The Maxx3822d ago (Edited 3822d ago )

Borderlands is an AMAZING game. Sure there wasn't much of a story, but it has great gameplay and Co-op with a fantastic art design. It would have been nice for a bit more customization and more characters to choose from, but that is just nitpicking. At least the 360 version was awesome. Not sure about the PS3 version, but I would assume they were both the same.

ThanatosDMC3822d ago

Borderlands is great for co-op but after you learn how to exploit saving and reloading to re-roll more new guns or equipment then it gets boring. Not to mention the AI sucks.

SuperStrokey11233822d ago

Borderlands is one of the best games of last year, the DLC (excpet moxxi) was fantastic too.

You are the first person i know that didnt like that game.

IdleLeeSiuLung3822d ago

I think it has something to do with installing from a Blu-Ray discs. Sony doesn't allow that so the content all have to reside on one disc playable from the disc or exist as a DLC.

Enigma_20993821d ago

... that game owns my soul at the moment.

JL3821d ago

First off, Borderlands is NOT a "great/amazing" game. It's decent. I've yet to play co-op on it, but one mode can't save a game and pull it from decent to amazing or "best game of last year". The game is decent, but not nearly as good as people made it out to be. In fact, I still haven't finished it and have no inclination to go back and finish it anytime soon either. Maybe I'm burned out on action rpgs for the time being since I've played some many of them lately. But Borderlands did absolutely nothing to really pull me in and get me addicted to it. No...Borderlands doesn't even compare to Fallout, sorry people. At least Fallout actually sucked me in. Had me addicted to the game wanting to do everything. With Borderlands it was more just dragging along to try to get closer to being done with the game. Until I got tired of that and moved on. Maybe it will be more appealing later when I've taken a break from the action-rpg scene for a lil bit, but seriously doubt it ever clocking in as "awesome" in my book. And it's still surely not better than Fallout.

Really to me seemed the game just tried to ride on the coat tails of gimmicks too much. Amount of guns and the art style (which I really like by the way...the art style that is). Seems they just threw the rest of the game together haphazardly.

I agree with Pennywise in that the concept was good but the execution was poor.

That being said, they can keep the DLC off discs for the PS3 for all I care. Have no desire to go and buy it anyways. Hell not even entirely sure at this point if I'll be finishing the main least not anytime soon.

vhero3821d ago

You can download both expansions for about the same price.. I dont get what peoples problems are there are very few users without net these days. The problem is no doubt they are gona blame blu ray as a dvd disc will be a penny a disc where as a blu ray disc is gonna cost considerably more to manufacture something they expect to sell only a few thousand of anyways..

Games4M - Rob3821d ago

The co-op is the main selling point of borderlands so its not really fair to critiscise it when you havent even experienced the main part of the game.

I dont think anyone would doubt that single player is a bit lacking as it dosnt have much of a story. Online with a group of 4 friends then it becomes insanely fun.

Fallout 3 clearly has the edge when it comes to story but the combat in Fallout 3 is utter cack. Hopefully Borderlands 2 will improve on its story and Fallout New Vegas will improve on its combat mechanics.

JL3821d ago

I think it's fair enough to judge it on the single-player experience without having tried out co-op. It's not like co-op is a completely different game. It's the exact same gameplay and mechanics and style and everything, just you have friends playing with you. The only appeal of it is for those gamers that prefer gaming with friends and other people (which isn't me). But single-player and co-op, it's the same game. Just one runs around as a squad with friends, the other you go at it lone-wolf. It's not like trying to judge or criticize Modern Warfare when I never played online with it (that game truly is defined by it's online portion). Saying I can't criticize Borderlands without playing co-op is more like saying that I can't reserve any kind of judgment on Demon's Souls just because I never did any invading or never summoned blue phantoms to help me.

Games4M - Rob3821d ago

I would pretty much say the same about demon souls as invading and co-op is a big part of affecting your character tendency which in turn opens up new gameplay options and npc’s. I cant understand why anyone would not want to try every aspect of a game – whats the point in NOT trying it ?

Since you mention it Modern Warfare 2 is a good example - I thought it was pants. The single player was mediocre, the multiplayer was a mess, but the co-op special ops mode was a gem and was the one thing that stopped the game going straight back to the shop.

If you don’t like co-op then I would say don’t buy Borderlands because that is the main selling point of the game,its certainly not trying to be a full on RPG like Fallout 3. Conversely someone could say that they thought Fallout 3 was crap because of its poor combat but that would be missing the point of that game.

In most games that are have specific modes for co-op then the gameplay mechanics often change in order to present unique challenges or levels (this is certainly true of all the titles you mentioned), so its not just a case of doubling up the number of players.

mastiffchild3821d ago

Borderlands was, imo, just a bit undercooked. The co-op can be an addictive way of losing mates by fighting over dropped loot and guns and I spent a bit of time on it myself.

However, I felt that the SP started off as if it was going to be a real campaign and that they either ran out of the cash to make it all to that standard or lost the desire to have a SP as good as the co-op. Either way a fully developed story mode would have made the game jump from pretty good to nearly great. Number two , if it addresses the fact that a lot of us like a frame of reference for our gaming on line could be amazing.

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Zero 0073822d ago (Edited 3822d ago )

simple .. bcuz PS3 sucks ba**

know one buy PS3 games Only for Blu-ray movies

Xbox > Fail 3

v v v v so??

Games4M - Rob3822d ago

lol, your such a cliche of a fanboy bell-end.

ScrappyDoo3822d ago

2k isn't giving Sony love because they know Sony would just remove it for security reasons.

rezzah3821d ago

lol you really have taken over that other annoying 360 fan, G8 1 was it? no it was Bungie I think, or maybe it was all the same person...

Maybe you are that person too but you type your stuff in a more annoying and harder to understand way.

ryano232773821d ago

Looks like you've perched yourself in the top spot in the Open Zone for all PS3 related articles.

Won't be too long Zero before your on 1 Bubble.

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theunleashed643822d ago

xbots have no games to play where are the games for xcrap 3fixme
i am waiting xbots so of course you bots would rely on multiplats because you xbots have no games. NO GAMES 4 LIFE

ScrappyDoo3822d ago

You know the 360 has nearly 200+ more games than the Removestation 3

avengers19783822d ago

There are just more choices on the PS3. They make some great games, and It is some what surprising that they are not selling better, but Boarderlands came out around the same time as The new R&C game and Uncharted 2, plus God of War collection, Bioshock 2 came out the time Heavy Rain and God of War 3. So they came up against some serious competion that were exclusive to the PS3.

Zero 0073822d ago (Edited 3822d ago )

now im playing Mass effect 2 and Forza 3 , perfect dark, whats about u??? still watching movie i mean Heavy movie??

JackBNimble3822d ago

You're going to have to try harder then that , fanboy!

RagTagBnd4453822d ago

If i had a PS3 i would probably play God Of War, MAG, Heavy Rain or FFXIII.

lh_swe3822d ago

Because I am playing/have played GoW III, Uncharted 2, Heavy Rain (3 times!), MAG, Mass Effect 2 & Forza 3 in the last two months.

Who has the better experience? well I'd say me because you don't play PS3 games (which is why he only has 7 trophies).

avengers19783821d ago

Okay D-Bag
Uncharted 2, God of War 3, Heavy Rain, FF 13, MAG, Demon's Soul, Dante's Inferno, R&C CIT, and Infamous
Seeing is how you dipped into last year with Flopza3 I figured I would too.
So what now, I can make a list too.

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Games4M - Rob3822d ago

i thought the cell shaded graphics worked well for the kind of alien wild west scenario, especially with the kind of humour they threw in there.

I think it would kill the games atmosphere if it looked killzone realistic.

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