Fallout: New Vegas viral marketing campaign revealed?

In what appears to be an emerging viral marketing campaign for Fallout: New Vegas, various journalists have been mailed audio and document clues on flash drives. The mailings contained no return address, but were mailed from Maryland - the location of Bethesda Softworks. Several clues have been uncovered, including a viral website.

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El_Colombiano4434d ago

Careful, this is Obsidian after all...they butchered my KOTOR2... =(

TheGearsStillTurn4434d ago

Even they can't go wrong with this title, look at the screens, read the details, it looks practically the same and the additional gameplay elements sound like great additions, this is just like Fallout 3. No Worry's.

El_Colombiano4434d ago

I reaaaalllly hope you're right!

Glen954434d ago

That bloody creeped me out ;___;

Some nice marketing if it is for Fallout. I hope it is anyway.