Top Five Most Anticipated Games of April

Although not nearly as jam-packed as March, April is still a great month for new game releases with many exciting upcoming titles slated for release.

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Robert Patrick4736d ago

No games for me this month.

wicko4736d ago

I might get Splinter Cell on PC but I have a big stack of games I still need to play..

JL4736d ago

Yea, April is dead for me. It's May that I'm waiting for. But that's no big deal, I have plenty games I still need to play right now to keep me busy til May (RDR and ModNation). Conviction looks great from everything I've seen, but alas I don't even have the time and money to play all the games I want on my PS3 so forget trying to keep up with two consoles. Plus, honestly, I'd never want to own a 360. But Conviction does look awesome, so yay to those that get to enjoy that. (Also don't have a computer powerful enough to really be a gaming computer either).

May though. That's gonna be a nice month.

vhero4735d ago

Most devs released all there games early year as to miss the christmas rush and get those final touches plus Fiscal year is ending so that's also impacting hugely on this months releases. Shame there is nothing worth picking up but E3 is coming very soon so we will need to get our diarys open :).

Chubear4735d ago (Edited 4735d ago )

Looks like April and May are great months to catch up on - or thorough enjoy already finished or unfinished - games. Demon Souls NG+++, MAG Platinum, Final Battle for Valkyria Chronicles, here I come.

nnotdead4735d ago

i am going to wait til Splinter Cell goes on sale for around $20 online before i pick it up. slow month for me as well. still have a lot of catching up any ways. still haven't played GOW3, FFXIII, and need to finish The Witcher and BF:BC2.

40cal4735d ago

Gives me time to finish FFXIII and play GOW III again while waiting on May when 3D Dot Game Heroes, Red Dead Redemption, MGS Peace Walker, and Mod Nation Racers are all set for launch.

May should give Splinter Cell and Monster Hunter a great opportunity for early sales as the competition seems weak.

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jameelinus4736d ago

They missed Read Dead Redemption, Blur...

Def Warrant4736d ago

Red Dead Redemption - delayed till May 18th

Blur - don't care

-MD-4736d ago

Dead to Rights and Splinter Cell are the only interesting games this month for me.

vhero4735d ago

then thats no interesting games this month then...

hoops4735d ago

and of course we knew this would be your response. LOL

No Way4735d ago

Yeaaa, cause you know what's interesting to everyone else.

Go play in traffic.

bobdog6264735d ago (Edited 4735d ago )

If you have a PS3, this Month and more will be Dull unless you like LBP3 X 17.Just keep playing God of War i guess Vhero.

hoops4735d ago

if this were a PS3 exclusive game...he would be all over it.

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seinfan4736d ago

I have a conviction to buy Conviction.

xabmol4736d ago

Easy there DK Money Shizzle!

(EBA joke ;))

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