GameZone: Mysterious USB Arrived, We Need Your Help!

GameZone received a mysterious USB today, with only a text file and an audio clip containing weird cryptic letters. Can you help us decipher what might be a clue to a new game?

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ryhanon3750d ago

Going off the assumption that ZZZ = WWW, that would mean each letter mentioned is 3 places after the letter that was meant, giving us ZZZ JMQRYD3 FRP = (or perhaps 3 is 0? or 6? or 9? I dunno, I tried 0-9 and none worked). MOD comes out to be JLA which is equally meaningless to me.

Perhaps ZZZ != WWW, but given that FRP *does* correspond to COM, following that method, it seems likely that it's correct. Maybe I just missed something?

kaya3750d ago (Edited 3750d ago )

leads you here...

Gotta be Bethesda

ryhanon3750d ago

Good catch. I didn't realize I had misheard the N as M.

kaya3750d ago (Edited 3750d ago )

actually it looks like it's all been solved. ran into all the posts over at joystiq when I was googling around.

now just gotta wait to see if there's more clues next week.

and here's the you tube video which matches up with that website to explain what you're seeing, or rather not seeing.

ryhanon3750d ago

Fantastic. I suppose this means I can put away my decoder ring.

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athmaus3750d ago

wish it was for new elder scrolls but most likey Fallout MMO

jstefanovic3750d ago

Bethesda indeed. Not sure what's up with the spelling letters thought. It sounded like the one they got right was 'MOD'. Who knows?!

UndeadAreGo3750d ago

So cryptically intriguing.

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The story is too old to be commented.