Modern Warfare 2 Gets Team Tactical Playlist Soon

The Double XP event for Modern Warfare 2 is drawing to a close. There's something else to look forward to once it's over, though.

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mrv3213742d ago

Which is strange because MW2 idea of tactical is having a silencer and even then you can still sniper with and Uzi.

I got a longshot with a M9 without scoping in... TACTICAL? NO.

MW2 is a shooter, it's a good one, it's fun, but never is it tactical. Play a game of MW2 and you'll soon realise 90% of the time it's just people running around like headless chickens with SPAS-12 and commando pro... or camping.

Just because Health is low doesn't mean it's tactical.

Commander TK3741d ago

It is arcady and a run & gun game

goflyakite3741d ago

Wow, hopefully it's 3v3.

If it's just like COD4 I might be able to go back to it.