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"When I first got my hands on MAG, that's the 256 player online only shooter from Sony and Zipper Interactive, I had my concerns about how long this was going to last. As with all good things they do come to an end and since this game offers no offline gameplay components and Zipper rolled the dice on a mega concept of so many players online at once I made the purchase with some trepidation but also some hope that it would be a big success.

So after over 2 months of the game being online how is MAG holding up?"

-Modus of

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Pennywise3755d ago

He says: Oh and join Raven!

^ Yeah, join raven if you have an overwhelming sympathy for bad gamers, people with A.D.D. and anyone who has comprehension problems. Be prepared to be the only one on your squad with a mic. Get ready for the first spawn knife in the back from a teammate. Prepare to lose 4/5 games. Get ready to get knifed so your idiot teammate can get that plant over you.

I did my 60 levels with Raven. Thank God they released double XP weekend to end my misery.

Moduserous3755d ago

Anti-Raven rhetoric! LoL!

Honestly I never have this problem - and I think all the PMCs have about the same number of people with or without mics.

Pennywise3755d ago

Raven has the guns and the maps. No reason Raven should ever lose defending on Domination, but they do. Guard the AAA and win. Simple, easy plan. Too bad Raven are too preoccupied being bad.

Moduserous3755d ago

Admittedly I'm only level 35 as I recall but in hours and hours of play I think I've only really had a small handful of matches that fell apart.

And the win to loss ratio seems pretty much equal - the only map I think Raven has a hard time with is Sabotage against SVER (can't remember the name of the map - but I think you know which one I'm talking about).

nycredude3755d ago

I started my career with Valor. Me and my clan owned on Valor in Sabo.

We switched over to Raven and we really own in Aquisition. However I do agree that most of the time it's my clan who does alot of the work. Alot of people on Raven does not have mics!

Moving over to Sver today and we will own in Dom now.

I have to say Zipper was brilliant with this game in that it almost feels like you are getting three games in one. Every time you move over to a new faction you have to relearn the maps, get used to the different weapons and different play styles. It's almost like being a noob all over again. Mag is the reason I haven't and probably won't buy BC2. Sorry EA.

raztad3755d ago

Which RAVEN are you talking about Penny?

RAVEN never been outstanding in Domination but doing pretty good all across the modes.

BTW, have you notice a slight drop in the number of players online? perhaps is because I usually play very early in the morning but the modes are not that populated as before. Still a solid number of players at the same time and no problems to fill a 256 map in a short time.

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