Carcassonne reviewed by Eurogamer

For many readers, the question likely to hand is if Carcassonne is a better purchase than Catan. In general, Carcassone is a quicker game to grasp but lacks Catan's depth and tactical nuances with the outcome of a game often feeling more like luck than skill. If you've only got a Silver Live account Carcassonne is a marginally better purchase thanks to its offline multiplayer and its short game length and puzzle-like aspects gives it a strangely addictive quality, yet the honest fact is that despite being a better adaptation, Carcassonne just isn't based on a board game quite as good as the one Catan is.

Carcassonne is a solid game in the Xbox 360's online multiplayer line-up, but if you're in the market for a board game designed by a German with a title that begins with the letter C, it's probably not quite as worthy of a purchase as Catan.

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